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Ferguson die-in protest in support of Michael Brown, Eric Garner to take place after Eagles-Seahawks game

David McNew/Getty Images

According to a report from NBC Philadelphia, a "die-in" protest will take place following the conclusion of the Philadelphia Eagles' Week 14 home game against the Seattle Seahawks. The demonstration is in support of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, both of whom died during altercations with police in 2014.

David Chang has the details:

"Clergy leaders and protesters will stage a "die-in" in the middle of a busy intersection outside the South Philadelphia Sports Complex following Sunday’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks in a show of solidarity for Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

Clergy leaders with Philadelphia Organized to Witness Empower & Rebuild (POWER) called for a "Solidarity Die-In" which is set to take place Sunday at 7 p.m. at the northeast corner of Broad and Pattison Streets.

"After the Philadelphia Eagles game, the protesters will stage a "die-in" in the middle of the intersection," a POWER spokeswoman said. "They will actually lay down in the middle of the street and stay there for four minutes and thirty seconds, symbolic of the four hours and thirty minutes that Mike Brown laid dead in the streets of Ferguson."

Preachers, Imams, Priests and Rabbis with POWER will lead the protest, according to the spokeswoman."

The demonstration will undoubtedly be noticed by the many fans trying to leave the stadium after the game.

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