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Chip Kelly gets blamed by college coach for Widener's playoff loss

Chip Kelly's Oregon Bias has gone TOO FAR!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Kelly is a sore loser. Kelly, who is the head coach for Widener University football, only had one person to blame for his team's 45-7 loss to Linfield College of Oregon: Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. Quotes via Jason Wolf for The Philadelphia Inquirer:

"Make sure you put in the paper that we thank Chip Kelly and I hope the Seahawks do well tomorrow," Widener coach Mike Kelly said. "He was helping them out. Maybe somebody in Philadelphia ought to buy him a map so he knows where he lives now. But, go Seahawks."

As it turns out, Chip Kelly let Linfield practice at the Eagles' indoor facility this week heading up to the game. Chip Kelly had earned a relationship with Linfield coach Joseph Smith from Kelly's time spent coaching the Oregon Ducks.

It's easy to see why Mike Kelly, easily the lesser of the two Kellys, is upset. Widener had never lost an NCAA playoff football game at home prior to being defeated by Linfield. But for Mike Kelly to blame the loss on Chip Kelly is obviously misguided, especially when Widener lost by a wide (pun intended) margin of 38 points.

To what extent Mike Kelly was joking about the Eagles coach isn't clear, but at least the Widener coach earned some nice publicity for his team's Division III program.

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