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The Linc - Cody Parkey leads the NFL in points scored

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/6/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles - Seahawks Odds Breakdown - BGN
From late on Friday night.

Wulf's Den: Parkey's Points Production -
For those unfamiliar with football, the purpose of the game is to score more points than the other team. Points are the very most valuable thing. So why are we not talking more about Cody Parkey? With 27 field goals and 42 extra points, the Eagles kicker leads the league with 123 points through 12 games. Think about that. The undrafted rookie who was acquired at the tail end of Training Camp in exchange for David Fluellen leads the league in points. That places him in several very exclusive groups.

Take a Bow, Mr. Barwin - Iggles Blitz
Connor Barwin. NFC Defensive Player of the Month for November. I know I predicted that this summer, but I just can’t seem to find the post. Oh well, I’m sure you’ll trust me. Right? Barwin is having an amazing season, as winning that award shows. I’ve referred to him as the "anti-Babin". His success comes within the framework of a good defensive scheme and Barwin doesn’t sell out to make plays. He still excels in coverage and playing the run. He’s nothing close to a one-trick pony.

Chip Kelly Update: the Big Showdown Against Seattle - Fishduck
Last week, the Philadelphia Eagles pounded out two big victories in five days. This week, they have some extra days to prepare for Seattle at home, and they are going to need it. This game is big in every way — an even match between two great and similar teams, nationally televised at 1:30 pm PST Sunday on Fox, and crucial for both teams’ playoff hopes. If the Eagles win, they will have essentially locked up the NFC East and be in great position for a first round playoff bye, while the Seahawks will have a tough path even to get a wild card slot. But an Eagles loss will make next week’s game against Dallas crucial, and put the Birds at risk of going home in December.

Three And Out: Eagles-Seahawks Predictions - Birds 24/7
While you can make a good argument for both teams here, I'm having a tough time getting past the Mark Sanchez vs. Seattle secondary matchup. Sanchez has been good overall since stepping in for Nick Foles and seems to be getting more comfortable in the offense week-by-week, but he hasn't faced a unit quite like this. Blessed with arguably the best cornerback (Richard Sherman) and safety (Earl Thomas) in the game,  the Seattle DBs can make life very difficult on a quarterback. Consider: the Seahawks have not allowed a passing touchdown since the first quarter of their Week 10 game against the Giants; that's a streak of 15 quarters and counting.

If the Eagles beat Seattle, the sky's the limit - Daily News
Skepticism, like fluoride, is in the Philadelphia water. It is just there, invisible but ever-present. All of which is an attempt to explain what the sports fans of this town are feeling.  I have heard people say that the Eagles are x-number of players away from being a serious Super Bowl contender. I have heard myself say it. How can they win without a playmaker in the secondary? How can they win with a retread backup quarterback who doesn't throw the ball down the field very much?

Mosher's scouting report: Eagles-Seahawks - CSN Philly
Now that they’re healthy on the offensive line, we’ve seen what the Eagles can do to bad defenses (43 points vs. the Titans) and what they can do to mediocre ones (33 vs. Dallas). Now we’ll see how they perform against an elite one. Seattle won last year’s Super Bowl with a ball-swarming, bone-crushing defense — just ask Demaryius Thomas — and brings another No. 1-ranked unit into the Linc.

Eagles QB coach has been there himself - Inquirer
Bill Musgrave, Joe Montana, and Steve Young used to have a contest that involved rolls of tape, goalposts, and killing time. Quarterbacks are typically always up for a challenge, and this one had the three then-49ers competing to see who could toss the most rolls of tape into the hollow end of a goalpost.

The Fast vs. The Furious -
The Eagles are playing at warp speed and putting up points just as quickly. The Seahawks defense officially is back to 2013 form. Something has to give Sunday in Philadelphia. Plus, the Week 14 spotlight player and 10 things to keep eye on

Tom Coughlin's future up in the air - SB Nation
Overall, the Giants are pleased with what Coughlin's done with the team in 11 years as head coach. What he does over the last four weeks of the season that will determine whether or not he'll be back for his 12th.

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