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Philadelphia Eagles December 2014 approval poll: Bill Davis

Do you approve of the job Bill Davis is doing as the defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles? Vote now.

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The 2014 NFL season December edition of Philadelphia Eagles approval polls continue here on Bleeding Green Nation with defensive coordinator Bill Davis. Don't forget to vote in the Chip Kelly approval poll from Wednesday if you missed out on that.

Here are some numbers to look at. I excluded pure volume stats (total yards, total points, etc.) because I don't think those metrics are a true indicator of how well Philadelphia's defense has played. The Eagles face a lot of plays due to the speed of their high-tempo offense so these stats aims to provide context.

Opponent points per play: 0.347 (16th)

Opponent yards per play: 5.4 (11th)

Opponent third down conversion percentage: 38.07% (10th)

Takeaways: 22 (T-5th)

DVOA: 8th overall, 8th pass defense, 8th run defense

Weighted DVOA: 5th (Accounts for recent performance)

PFF: 5th overall, 7th run defense, 3rd pass rush, 12th pass coverage

It's clear this unit has performed well. Davis deserves credit. It's even more impressive when you consider the team has been successful despite the loss of defensive captain and veteran inside linebacker DeMeco Ryans.

So, do you approve of the job Bill Davis is doing as the Eagles defensive coordinator? Vote now in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Bill Davis approval polls:

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