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Chip Kelly's comments about Howie Roseman "infuriated" the Eagles general manager

More bad blood.

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The Eagles' firing of VP of Player Personnel Tom Gamble has really opened up a can of worms.

According to a report from's Mark Eckel, Howie Roseman wasn't too happy with the comments Chip Kelly made about him during the head coach's final press conference of the season on Monday.

"On Monday, Kelly called Gamble "an outstanding football man'' and said he did a "great job." During that same press conference, Kelly said Roseman was good at handling the salary cap.

According to people inside the organization those quotes "infuriated'' Roseman. The general manager — who has never been a scout, played the game or coached — has worked to overcome the image of being solely a salary-cap guy.

Roseman believes he has earned his job as general manager and the club's top talent evaluator. Instead, his head coach called him a glorified cap guy. Two days later, Roseman, with support from owner Jeffrey Lurie, exacted his revenge

Here was the exact quote by Kelly:

"No, for me to stand there and say, ‘I think paragraph five of his contract should mean this, instead of this.’  That's not my forte, not my strength.  I’m not going to delve into that and say, ‘I think his signing bonus should be this, but let's retroactive that and only make it for injury in the third and fourth year.’  That's not my strength.  I understand it, but that's really what [Howie Roseman] does an outstanding job of that.  I think since I've been here one of the attractive things about this job, there are not cap issues.  You don't look at it and go, ‘Oh, my God.  We're going to have to cut 12 players because we're going to be $40 million over the cap.’  [Roseman] does an outstanding job of that.  That's his training."

It's hard to believe Roseman would fire Gamble, who apparently had a close relationship with Kelly, based on that quote alone, but it's clear that there has been tension brewing in the Eagles front office. Things are getting ugly. Gamble even had to be escorted out of the building on Tuesday night.

Here's another quote from another one of Eckel's sources:

"There is no way Chip Kelly is happy about this. What the (heck) is going on there? How does Tom lose out in that battle? That place is dysfunctional.''"

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