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NFL Power Rankings: How much better would the Eagles have been with a good quarterback?

Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

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Week 17 of the 2014 NFL season is over, which means the season is over, which means it's time for everyone's favorite activity for one last time: NFL Power Rankings. This is the final edition of the weekly Philadelphia Eagles power rankings compilation.

Here is a round-up of how various Internet media outlets have ranked the Eagles. Let's see what the 'experts' are saying. As always, we'll start by revisiting mine first.

Bleeding Green Nation

12) Philadelphia put a stop to their three-game losing streak by beating the Giants in Week 17. Unfortunately for Eagles fans, the team didn't qualify for the playoffs despite finishing 10-6. The Birds are 20-12 in Chip Kelly's first two years on the job in Philly.

Last week: 11

SB Nation

11) The Eagles finished their year strong by beating a relatively hot Giants team on the road. They're eliminated from the postseason, but I would imagine Chip Kelly and company will take a victory like this over a division rival. Philly faltered late this season in games it needed to win, but they're still a strong team with balance in three phases. They can run the ball, play defense, and were probably the NFL's best special teams group, but it came down to an inability to put it all together as the division race wrapped up.

Last week: 13

Philadelphia Daily News

14) Making the playoffs with 36 turnovers would’ve been the equivalent of wearing relaxed-fit jeans to a wedding.

Last week: 16

CBS (Kirwan)

14) The Chip Kelly system was good but failed to yield a second division title or playoff berth. Mark Sanchez was more than adequate coming off the bench for injured Nick Foles but they just didn't have enough.

Last week: 11


12) The Eagles missed the playoffs but still won 10 games with a backup QB playing half the season and the team committing a league-high 36 turnovers.

Last week: 13

10) Nice rebound for Mark Sanchez and the Eagles, who did not mail it in Week 17, finishing what they started the best they could. While the postseason was out of the question, coaches in this situation who stick with veterans who earned their roles (as opposed to taking a peek at rookies) will always be in. Nice call, Chip.

Last week: 10


14) How much better would this team have been if it had a good quarterback?

Last week: 14


12) LeSean McCoy admitted he doesn't know if he'll be back, given his salary-cap figure of about $12 million next year. The Eagles might be better off investing that money in cornerbacks and hoping to plug-and-play a couple of new and cheap backs in Chip Kelly's system.

Last week: 13

USA Today

13) The latest 10-win non-playoff team that will surely be stumping for an expanded postseason field during in the months ahead.

Last week: 12

Business Insider

12) Nick Foles expects to be the starter in 2015.

Last week: 13

Washington Post

16) Getting to the 10-win mark does little to reduce the disappointment of missing the playoffs in Coach Chip Kelly’s second season. This team entered the season regarded as the heavy favorite in the NFC East and a potential conference heavyweight. The Eagles played to that standard for much of the season. But things fell apart in the games that mattered down the stretch, and it’s difficult to conclude anything other than the Eagles need to find a way to get better play at QB. That might mean handing the job back to Nick Foles. But there’s no guarantee that’s the answer, given his issues with turnovers this season before he got hurt.

Last week: 17


12) Eagles get to 10 wins, but only after bowing out of the playoff race the week before. Chip Kelly still not sure who is quarterback is moving forward.

Last week: 12


The rankings range from as high as 10 to as low as 16. 12 was the most common ranking. 11.7 is the average ranking. That's up one spot from last week's average ranking of 12.7.

The Eagles finished their season with a meaningless win over the Giants. While they didn't make the playoffs, they did finish the season on somewhat of a high note. A moral victory won't be enough to satisfy fans but it's a positive sign to see that the team didn't just quit on Chip Kelly.

Philadelphia started the season with rankings ranging from as high as 6 to as low as 9. 9 was the most common ranking. 7.5 was the average ranking. No one had them outside the top 10.

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