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Washington Redskins and Jim Haslett part ways, which should make Eagles fans sad

What took so long?

Win McNamee/Getty Images

In a move that was very long overdue, the Washington Redskins fired mutually agreed to part ways with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett on Wednesday morning.

It's been amazing to see how Haslett has lasted this long despite being so unimpressive. His units have been consistently below average and often towards the bottom of the league. (Hat tip to @DMVFollowers.)

Here’s how Haslett’s units ranked in yards allowed per play.

2010 - 5.9 (30th)
2011 - 5.5 (16th)
2012 - 5.8 (26th)
2013 - 5.7 (27th)
2014 - 5.8 (26th)

And here’s how they ranked in points allowed per game:

2010 - 23.6 (22nd)
2011 - 22.9 (20th)
2012 - 24.4 (22nd)
2013 - 29.9 (30th)
2014 - 27.4 (29th)

In 10 meetings since 2010, the Eagles averaged 26.9 points per game and 395.6 yards per game. The Eagles played Washington four times in the Chip Kelly era. Kelly's Birds averaged 29.5 points per game and 382.8 yards per game with a 3-1 record in those contests.

No word yet on who will replace Haslett, but in the meantime, it's a sad day for Eagles fans.

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