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The Linc - Do Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman get along?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/31/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Year-End Review: Fairly Evaluating Chip Kelly - Birds 24/7
Since the Eagles lost three straight games in December and were eliminated from the playoffs, the range of opinions on Chip Kelly has widened considerably. Some view him as an over-hyped coach whose team collapsed down the stretch in Year 2. Others defend his every move, regardless of the evidence/results right in front of their eyes. Here is a thorough evaluation of Kelly, along with a look at the state of the Eagles heading into his third offseason as the head coach.

So It Begins - Iggles Blitz
I do think Reynolds could be an interesting player in 2015. He does have good hands and good ball skills. That is one thing the secondary lacked in a big way this year. Obviously Reynolds would need to play well enough to get on the field and use those ball skills, but he would be a good fit in that sense.

Is Chip Kelly getting along with Howie Roseman? - Inquirer
Never in two years has Kelly mentioned Roseman's bona fides as an evaluator of talent, even though the 39-year-old was chiefly responsible for the 2012 draft - one of the Eagles' best in recent memory.

Chip Kelly on Marcus Smith, coaching staff changes, and Darren Sproles - Inquirer
If you expected Chip Kelly to offer some encouraging words about Marcus Smith entering the offseason, think again. Kelly has been hard on the first-round pick throughout the season, and his message didn’t change on Monday. It doesn’t matter when Smith was selected; he needs to beat out the players in front of him.

Which Eagles deserve contract extensions? - The 700 Level
Thanks to the abysmal 2011 draft, this is the first year the new rules on extending players on their rookie contracts will truly affect the Philadelphia Eagles. In the past, we saw the team lock up talent in long-term extensions just two short years into their professional careers, which worked well for the organization because they were getting a discount on young up-and-coming players, but often caused drama when said players outperformed those deals. Now, the NFL mandates players on their rookie contracts can’t receive an extension until they’ve completed their third year of service.

Eagles teammates: Nick Foles is our 'franchise' QB - CSN Philly
The names are out there. They’ve been making their rounds in the Eagles' future quarterback rumor mill for weeks. Marcus Mariota. Robert Griffin III. Brett Hundley. Colin Kaepernick. But inside the Eagles’ locker room, there’s only one name. The quarterback of the future is also the quarterback of the past and present. It’s Nick Foles.

Eagles Insider Podcast: Year In Review -
This week on the Eagles Insider Podcast, Chris McPherson, Bo Wulf and Fran Duffy recap the 2014 season and look at the team moving forward as it enters the offseason, exploring ways to improve the roster for next year ...

Ugly truths about the 20 NFL teams that didn't make the playoffs - SB Nation
PHILADELPHIA: Gave up 72 pass plays that gained 20 yards or more. (The Bills and Seahawks combined only allowed 68.) And this wasn't just a matter of the Eagles getting gassed late or playing soft defense to protect a big lead -- 38 of those long completions came in the first and second quarters.

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