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Eagles vs. Giants Final Score: Philadelphia beats New York in season finale, 34-26

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New York Giants on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, 34-26. The Eagles advanced to 10-6 in their final game of the 2014 NFL season. Read on for a drive-by-drive recap of the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a long offseason.

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Giants win the coin toss and elect to receive. Cody Parkey's opening kick goes for a touchback.

Giants 1st drive: Touchdown (7-0, Giants)

Giants pick up a gain through the air on a Eli Manning pass to Reuben Randle. Nolan Carroll II was in coverage and had safety help from Nate Allen. So much for that fixing things. Carroll allows another catch and then Andre Williams punches it in for a short touchdown run. The Eagles defense has picked up where it left off from their last three losses.

Eagles 1st drive: Touchdown (7-7, tie)

Mark Sanchez finds Zach Ertz for a big gain. Then LeSean McCoy breaks off a big run. Then it's Jordan Matthews with a 44-yard catch-and-run touchdown. Three plays, tie game. Great play from Matthews but just awful defense by New York. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie literally watched Matthews run by him into the end zone.

Giants 2nd drive: Punt

Chris Maragos forces a fumble on New York's kickoff return but the Giants recover.

Bennie Logan stuffs Rashad Jennings in the back field. Cary Williams breaks up a deep pass (?!) intended for Odell Beckham Jr. Giants convert on 3rd-and-13 after Manning dumps off to Jennings. Third-and-long continues to kill the Eagles, even in meaningless games. Manning throws a deep pass that isn't within 20 yards of any receiver, but no intentional grounding called. Why? No matter, Giants have to punt anyway.

Eagles 2nd drive: Touchdown (14-7, Eagles)

Sanchez throws behind Riley Cooper on a deep pass that falls incomplete. Ertz moves the chains with a completion over the middle. Sanchez picks up a big gain on the read-option keeper. The Eagles needed more of that when they were still alive. Sanchez throws a ball into double coverage and it's picked off, but it's canceled out by a pass interference penalty on the Giants. Weak call, but the defensive back did hook Cooper's arm. Sanchez lucky to get bailed out like that. Sanchez lobs a pass up to Brent Celek in the end zone for Philadelphia's second score. That's his first of the entire season. Celek comes up limping after the play.

Giants 3rd drive: Field goal (14-10, Eagles)

Billy Davis is mixing things up on defense. Carroll now covering Beckham. Jaylen Watkins, and not Brandon Boykin, is mixing in as the outside cornerback when Philadelphia goes to dime. Williams gets beat by Beckham for a great sideline catch. Giants move into the red zone after running the ball successfully. Philadelphia forces a stop. Josh Brown's 38-yard kick is good.

Eagles 3rd drive: Punt

Sanchez finds Matthews for a long catch and run again. The Giants just left him wide open in the middle of the field. What's up, Quintin Demps? Sanchez nearly gets picked off on one play before getting sacked a few plays later.


Giants 4th drive: Punt

Larry Donnell drops a wide open catch that would have moved the chains.

Eagles 4th drive: Punt

Jeremy Maclin gets tackled by Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson on a screen pass. Whoops. Sanchez overthrows Sproles by a hair on third down. Sproles was contacted a little by Spencer Paysinger but it was slight. No call.

Giants 5th drive: Punt

Brandon Boykin almost gets his hands on a would-be pick-six but the ball is high. Williams knocks down a pass intended for Randle on third down.

Eagles 5th drive: Interception

Sanchez targets Ertz but a Giants defender jumps the route.

Giants 6th drive: Field goal (14-13, Eagles)

Malcolm Jenkins drops a deep pass from Manning. Has to make that one, the ball is right in his hands. That's Jenkins' third dropped interception in the past four weeks. Giants move into scoring territory with a Beckham catch. Emmanuel Acho makes a nice tackle on Williams. Boykin breaks up a pass intended for Beckham in the end zone. Something tells me Bradley Fletcher or Cary Williams wouldn't have made that play. Connor Barwin got a free rush and crushed Manning on the throw, by the way.

Eagles 6th drive: Punt

Sanchez finds Maclin for a first down. Then the Eagles have to punt.

Giants 7th drive: Field goal (16-14, Giants)

Manning connects with Randle deep down field with Watkins in coverage. Carroll breaks up a deep pass intended for Beckham and then Jenkins hits him hard following the pass break up. Beckham takes off his helmet and throws it on the ground, but no call. That's an automatic penalty. Where's the flag? Williams gets beat in coverage with a good back shoulder throw from Manning. Randle gets called for offensive pass interference on a pick play to set the Giants back. Williams drops a ball in the end zone. Wide open. Incredible. G-men settle for the field goal.

Eagles 7th drive: Field goal (17-16, Eagles)

Jason Pierre-Paul gets by Jason Peters to sack Sanchez. Not great. Sanchez moves the chains with a scramble and pass to Maclin on third down. Sanchez pump fakes and finds a wide open Cooper in goal territory. Sanchez fails to find a wide open Maclin in the end zone and instead throws to a Giants defender but the ball is batted down. A pass for Sproles falls incomplete and the Eagles kick a field goal to take the lead at the half in this miserable game.

Cody Parkey scored his 145th point of the season with the make, setting the NFL record by a rookie and the Eagles single-season record.


Eagles 8th drive: Punt

McCoy fails to pick up a first on 3rd-and-short. Why aren't the Eagles just going for it?

Giants 8th drive: Punt blocked for an Eagles touchdown (24-16, Eagles)

Three and out after Randle drops a pass. Watkins trailing in coverage.

James Casey blocks Steve Weatherford's punt and Trey Burton recovers it for the touchdown score. How about those Eagles special teams? Third time of the season where they've scored on a block punt. Both Casey and Burton have been big contributors to this Philadelphia special teams unit.

Giants 9th drive: Punt

Eagles allow a big run to Jennings. Boykin makes a nice tackle on Beckham on a screen play. A penalty sets back New York and they have to punt.

Eagles 9th drive: Punt

Sanchez gets jumpy on third down and throws behind Sproles on third down.

Giants 10th drive: Field goal (24-19, Eagles)

Giants score a touchdown on a play where Randle just runs right by Carroll but it's wiped out due to a holding penalty. Lucky break. Carroll almost makes a diving interception on a deep pass but can't come up with it. Would have been tough. Beckham makes an incredible catch on 3rd-and-long but it's short of the chains. Giants kick a field goal.

Eagles 10th drive: Punt

Sanchez overthrows a wide open Josh Huff on third down. Shame for Huff, because he had a lot of room to work with.

Giants 11th drive: Punt

Jenkins does a great job to break up a deep pass intended for Beckham. Got his hand up just in time. Bennie Logan stuffs an Andre Williams run. Beckham goes up for an amazing sideline catch and gets his hands on it but Watkins breaks it up as the two fall to the ground. Great play by the rookie corner.

Eagles 11th drive: (Continued below)

Matthews makes a catch to lead the Eagles into the final quarter of the season.


Eagles 11th drive: Touchdown (31-19, Eagles)

McCoy picks up a big run and then follows it with a catch for another first down. Great block by Huff on the run. Eagles move into goal territory with a Matthews catch. Sanchez overthrows Polk for a would-be touchdown. Matthews makes a catch to bring the Eagles to the 1-yard line. Polk takes it in for an easy touchdown score.

Giants 12th drive: Touchdown (31-26, Eagles)

Giants offensive lineman gets away with a huge hold on Connor Barwin on 3rd-and-10 and New York converts. Watkins falls down while covering Beckham and the rookie star receiver goes to the house for a score. Surprise.

Eagles 12th drive: Field goal (34-26, Eagles)

Sanchez takes a deep shot for Maclin but can't connect. Eagles drive into field goal range. Parkey's kick from 39 yards out is good. Still a one possession game.

Giants 13th drive: Punt

Boykin breaks up another pass. Mychal Kendricks makes a tackle to force the Giants short of the sticks.

Eagles 13th drive: Punt

Sanchez sacked for a 12-yard loss on first down. McCoy runs and stays down after the play. Gets up and walks off on his own power despite a limp. Polk bursts through the line for a big gain but falls a yard short of the chains.

Giants 14th drive: Interception

Manning throws off his back foot and gets picked off. Where have we seen that before? Nate Allen comes up with the interception, and it's his fourth on the season. Allen takes the ball to the Giants 18-yard line. That's probably game.

Eagles 14th drive: Time expires

Victory formation.


The Eagles are now 10-6. The season is officially over.

Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Giants post-game coverage.

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