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The Linc - Is Nick Foles injury prone?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/28/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

It’s the Friggin’ Giants - Iggles Blitz
I want the defense to go out and knock the crap out of Eli Manning. Let’s send him to the offseason with a beating to remember. Trent Cole might be in his final game as an Eagle. You know he wants to go out there and be a disruptive force in case this is his final game in green.

The Matchup: Eagles Vs. Giants - Birds 24/7
Turnovers have been the issue all season. The Eagles have given the ball away on 18.2 percent of their drives; that's the worst mark in the NFL. Quarterback play has been a problem throughout.

Chip Kelly Update: Playing for Pride Now - Fishduck
The surprise isn’t that they collapsed, but that they stayed afloat for so long. Before the season, I predicted they’d go 10-6, which is an improvement over last year’s identical record given the tougher schedule. That’s where they’ll end it up if they can gut this one out against the odds.

Foles' lack of durability may hold him back - Inquirer
Foles' injury history does not suggest that he is brittle or lacking in toughness. He played part of his senior season at Westlake (Texas) High with a torn labrum. He missed only two games after dislocating his kneecap during his junior season at Arizona. He played the second half of the Redskins game his rookie season with a fractured metacarpal bone in his throwing hand. Foles took a beating from Washington in the third game this season, including a blindside shot from nose tackle Chris Baker, and finished despite a bruised left shoulder. But Foles' propensity for injury should be as disconcerting as his inconsistencies, even if Kelly and the Eagles don't find a better alternative this offseason. It was Kelly who said "durability is the best ability" when he was asked last August about the often-careless Michael Vick.

Fan-Demonium: It's The Giants, Say No More -
The season wraps up on Sunday when the Eagles face the Giants. This game seems a bit odd since there is nothing on the line in regard to the postseason. Games that have playoff implications bring extra pressure and excitement. With no tangible reward, some people question how motivated the players will be this week.

Stellar season aside, Eagles' Parkey focused on working hard - Daily News
CODY PARKEY'S first NFL season began in May in Indianapolis, where it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out he was a longshot to make the Colts, who feature a future Hall of Fame placekicker in Adam Vinatieri.

25 Random Points: Foles, RG3, Maxwell and more - CSN Philly
If you could eavesdrop on the Eagles’ media room any day of the week, any time of day, you’d hear us constantly harping on one topic. Who’s the starting quarterback on opening day? I still think it’s most likely Foles, simply because there aren’t a whole lot of other realistic options. But going into his fourth year, he remains something of a mystery. Is he anywhere near as good as he looked in 2013? Is he really as inconsistent as he looked most of this year? Probably somewhere in between but where? In his last 16 games — the equivalent of a full season — Foles is 13-3 with 34 touchdowns and 12 interceptions, a 63 percent completion percentage and 4,432 passing yards. Can the Eagles find somebody better than that? A new coach better have his QB by Year 3 but if it’s not Foles, then who? Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston are impossible, so stop even dreaming about them. Brett Hundley could potentially be a great fit, but could he come in and outplay Foles as a rookie? The Eagles don’t have time to start grooming a college junior. It’s fun to toss around names like Colin Kaepernick and Griffin III and imagine what they’d be like running Chip Kelly’s offense. But most likely they’re not going anywhere. The Eagles are kind of stuck in no man’s land at quarterback, and they still haven’t seen Foles for a full season. Very tough situation with no clear solution.

AFC, NFC playoff seeding cheat sheet - SB Nation
The playoff picture is getting clearer, but it's still a little confusing with all the possible outcomes for seeding ahead of the season's final week. Thankfully, someone created a few handy charts to explain.

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