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Darren Sproles' wife has a comeback for people who taunt the Eagles about having no Super Bowl rings

Darren Sproles' wife shared a joke.

It's a dark time for Philadelphia Eagles fans. The team is 9-6 and eliminated from playoff contention after losing three straight games. There's still one (meaningless) game left before a long offseason waits ahead.

For Eagles fans, it's just another year that the team won't have a shot at winning the Super Bowl. This also means that opposing fans won't be shy to bash the Eagles and their lack of rings.

The wife of Eagles running back Darren Sproles', Michel Sproles, has a comeback prepared for all the haters. She reposted the following image on her Instagram account. (To clarify: she didn't make the image herself, she just saw it somewhere else and shared it because she thought it was funny.)

#Rp... But that's non of my business (sips tea)... Lol! I almost died when I saw this...

A photo posted by Michel Sproles (@michelsproles) on

After the post, she wrote the following message:

First of all let me start off by saying that I have much love & respect for all single mother's, my grandmother was a single mom and so is my sister, so for the individuals that insist on making me a trending topic off some foolish "Repost" shame on you... There are so many other important things going on in the world that deserve our attention. Taking the time to twist up the words of a joke I Reposted is just way to much waisted energy. Do you honestly think I give a damn about who wins or loses in a game... This is a means of entertainment and is not a matter of life and death! As long as my husband is healthy I truly can care less. People give me way to much credit... But hey I appreciate the love tho... #GetALife #GodBless #MerryChristmas

(H/T to The Big Lead)

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