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The Linc - LeSean McCoy feels like the Eagles season was a waste of time

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/23/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Weird Time - Iggles Blitz
Kelly is very much a believer in process. You practice the same way over and over. You develop habits (hopefully good ones). You don’t change what you do for a better or lesser opponent. Consistency is key. It makes total sense that this type of coach would approach a "meaningless" season finale as he did other games. You want players to remain focused. You don’t want them picking and choosing when to prepare and when to compete.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: On Turnovers And Discipline - Birds 24/7
Chip Kelly knew very well that his team was living on the edge. You can go back to his postgame press conference following the 27-0 shutout of the Giants back on October 12. The win lifted the Eagles to 5-1 but they entered the bye with a minus-5 turnover ratio. Kelly acknowledged then that the formula was not sustainable.

LeSean McCoy Opens Up About Early Ending To Eagles’ Season - CBS Philly
"I feel the same like good or bad, bad or good, I feel like it was just a waste of time. You can’t wait to just speed things up and get right back to it."

Eagles wasted a promising season - CSN Philly
It’s over. No mirth. No miracle. No playoffs. The Cowboys are headed to the postseason. The Eagles are headed into an uncomfortable offseason. The Cowboys can congratulate themselves for earning a playoff bid. The Eagles can kick themselves for not.

Darren Sproles' Wife Rips Everyone Who is Crushing the Eagles - The Big Lead
Darren Sproles’ wife Michel, who spoke out against the Saints for how they treated her husband on the way out, has re-grammed a meme that turns the tables on some of the folks pointing out that the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl.

Eagles-Redskins II: What Did We Learn? - Inquirer
Chip Kelly has a problem and it may be in the locker room. His decision to release DeSean Jackson and bring back Riley Cooper was never going to please every player on the team. Kelly obviously knew that. But it certainly raised eyebrows from a certain faction of the locker room and in recent weeks there have increasingly been murmurs from several players about the decision. The way the Eagles lost on Saturday, with Jackson delivering daggers to the defense, prompted two players to lament his absence to me. "And then [Jackson] burns us," one starter said. "That hurt because you think, ‘Damn, he should be on our team. Why he isn’t he on our team?’" Another player: "I miss him. We miss him. … It was a mistake." There are others, but they’re unwilling to go on the record for obvious reasons. Jackson said after the game that some of his former teammates were telling him as much even during the game. "They constantly tell me how much they miss me and they wish I was still there, but that’s a decision they chose to make in the front office." Let’s be clear: It was Kelly’s choice. Right or wrong, it’s had ramifications in the locker room. It’s unclear if it will fester.

QB upgrade will be tricky for Philly - ESPN In$ider
Missing the playoffs has put the Philadelphia Eagles in the wrong kind of exclusive company. This Eagles team will go down in NFL history with the 2008 Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the only ones since divisional realignment in 2002 to turn a 9-3 record into an early offseason. Forty-three other 9-3 teams went on to qualify for postseason play, including four this season. The way things unraveled for Philadelphia, the Eagles' quarterback situation is going to be front and center this offseason. The pivotal interception Mark Sanchez threw during Saturday night's 27-24 defeat at Washington (which was 3-11 entering the game) was his 10th since replacing the injured Nick Foles at midseason. Sanchez can become a free agent. Foles is an option, but not necessarily the answer.

One Week To Go In 2014 And ... -
From 9-3 after the Thanksgiving Day win over Dallas to now, the Eagles have lost three games and will miss the 2014 postseason. The three-game slide was a stunner, and worth deep evaluation ...

MMBM: I reported Marshawn Lynch to the FCC - SB Nation
All the NFL news and notes from the week's most important NFL column.

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