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DeSean Jackson got his revenge against the Philadelphia Eagles

Just desserts.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

DeSean Jackson might be the happiest player ever to be on an 11-loss team.

The former Eagles wide receiver was all smiles following Washington's 27-24 upset victory over Philadelphia. Jackson recorded four receptions for 126 yards against the team that unceremoniously dumped him the offseason.

Jackson openly mocked Philadelphia following the game.

"Get the f***ing Birds out of here," he said.

Jackson was asked about Philadelphia's defense during post-game locker room availability. His assessment of the Eagles defense was brutally honest.

Asked if he was surprised that the Eagles left him one-on-one with Fletcher, Jackson said with a laugh: "Not at all. Last year, when I had been there the last couple years, that’s how they play. They’re very naive and they play how they play. They could care less who is out there or who is at wide receiver, they’re going to play their defense the way they play it," he said.

"That’s the Philadelphia Eagle defense. I’ve been there a lot of years and witnessed a lot of players – wide receivers, tight ends – get off on some huge games on them, and I’m just happy to be on this side and be able to send them home with a loss."

Chip Kelly's assessment of how the Eagles defended Jackson was also brutally honest: "We felt like our corners could stay with [DeSean Jackson] and obviously they didn't."

For Jackson, the revenge is imaginably sweet. Washington's post-season hopes have been long over so all he could hope to do was bring Philadelphia's down with him. And that's exactly what he did.

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