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Eagles-Redskins Final Score: Philadelphia chokes in loss to Washington, 27-24

The Philadelphia Eagles were defeated by the Washington Redskins on Saturday at FedEx Field, 27-24. The Eagles dropped 9-5 on the 2014 NFL Season. Read on for a drive-by-drive recap of the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a road game against the New York Giants.

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Eagles win the toss, elect to receive. Josh Huff returns the opening kick. No errors.

Eagles 1st drive: Fumble

Mark Sanchez finds Zach Ertz on the first play of the game for a short gain. Then it's a pass to Ertz to move the chains. Sproles drops a pass after an Eagles false start. Jeremy Maclin makes a big catch on 3rd-and-12. Ryan Kerrigan strips Sanchez after beating Lane Johnson and immediately recovers. Turnover issues continue for Philly.

Redskins 1st drive: Field goal (3-0, Washington)

Washington moves the chains after Andre Roberts manages to catch a ball that originally goes off his hands. Bradley Fletcher is beaten in coverage.

Eagles force Washington into a stop. Then Cary Williams shoves Roberts after the play and gives Washington a new set of downs. Roberts hit him first, but really dumb decision. Malcolm Jenkins drops a potential pick-six in the red-zone. That's his second dropped interception in three weeks. Philadelphia manages to hold Washington to a field goal.

Eagles 2nd drive: Touchdown (7-3, Eagles)

Eagles pick up a first down after a penalty on Washington. Then McCoy catches a pass from Sanchez for an 18-yard gain. That's actually McCoy's longest reception of the season, believe it or not. Philadelphia moves into the red zone. McCoy gets some great blocking on a 11-yard touchdown run to give the Eagles the lead. McCoy had tons of room to work with.

Redskins 2nd drive: Touchdown (10-7, Redskins)

Bradley Fletcher - who else? - gets roasted by DeSean Jackson - who else? - on the first play of the drive. 51 yards. Fletcher just can't cover Jackson one on one. Not many cornerbacks can, but especially not Fletcher. Then it's Alfred Morris 28-yard touchdown run just one play later. Geez, Eagles really falling apart.

Eagles 3rd drive: (Continued below)

Eagles get into 3rd-and-4.


Eagles 3rd drive: Punt

Three and out.

Redskins 3rd drive: Punt

Fletcher Cox jumps too early on 3rd-and-1 to give Washington an easy first. Mychal Kendricks picks up a big sack to force 3rd-and-19. He beat Trent Williams pretty good on that one. Cary Williams gets lucky to see Roberts drop a pass on third down.

Eagles 4th drive: Touchdown (14-10, Eagles)

Jordan Matthews catches a pass to move the chain. That's his first since Week 14. The rookie was only targeted once against Dallas. McCoy picks up a big gain on a 22-yard run. Then it's Sproles for a first down. Johnson gets called for an obvious hold that sets the Eagles back. The second-year tackle is struggling against Kerrigan. Sanchez is sacked and the Eagles get set back to 3rd-and-25. Matthews is able to get open and make a big play for a first down. Crazy. Sanchez picks up a few by actually running (!!!) but then it's a holding penalty on Peters. What's going on? Sproles bails the Eagles out on 3rd-and-19 with a catch-and-run. Philadelphia in goal territory. Sanchez overthrows an open Ertz in the end zone. Riley Cooper, of all people, caps off the drive with a touchdown catch on third down. It's only his second of the season. Long drive: 15 plays, 93 yards, 7:04.

Redskins 4th drive: Punt

Not much going for Washington. Kendricks makes a good tackle to stop Darrel Young short of the first. Then Jordan Reed drops a pass on third down.

Eagles 5th drive: Punt

Sanchez finds Ertz to move the chains. Then he goes to Ertz again. And then again! The second-year tight end is really getting a lot of work. Sanchez finds Maclin for a big gain. Matthews drops a catch that was high but in his hands. Should have made it. Sanchez targets Sproles on fourth down but the running back isn't even looking. Pass incomplete. Eagles opt to punt with 16 seconds left.

Redskins 5th drive: Time expires

Washington takes a knee.


Redskins receive the ball to start the second half. The returner fumbles after Malcolm Jenkins does a great job of poking the ball out. Trey Burton recovers.

Eagles 6th drive: Missed field goal

Eagles take over in good field position but can't get much going. Cody Parkey attempts a 34-yard field goal and it's... no good?! Wow.

Redskins 6th drive: Touchdown (17-14, Redskins)

Washington drives into scoring position. Eagles get a stop but Brandon Graham is called for roughing the passer. Really weak call. Washington moves into goal territory. Then it's ANOTHER roughing the passer penalty, but this time on Vinny Curry. Another bad call. That gives the Redskins a new set of downs. Darrel Young takes it in for a one-yard touchdown.

Eagles 7th drive: Missed field goal

McCoy drops a pass on first down. Ertz makes a catch to convert and sets a career high with seven receptions. Sanchez hits Matthews on a shallow cross for a big gain. McCoy gets stuffed on 3rd-and-1. Eagles line up to kick from 46 yards out. Parkey's kick isn't even close. Why didn't the Eagles just go for it there?

Redskins 7th drive: Touchdown (24-14, Washington)

Fletcher toasted by Jackson for a huge gain. No deep help. Who didn't see that coming? Washington moves into scoring position and Young punches it in again on a short touchdown run.

Eagles 8th drive: (Continued below)

Sanchez hits Cooper for a first down.


Eagles 8th drive: Touchdown (24-21, Washington)

Philadelphia dinks and dunks their way down the field and Cooper jumps up high for a touchdown catch. How about that.

Redskins 8th drive: Interception

Bradley Fletcher benched. Nolan Carroll II is on the outside. Fletcher goes back on the outside when Carroll II lines up in the dime. Nate Allen picks off a deep pass intended for Jackson.

Eagles 9th drive: Field goal (24-24, tie game)

Maclin comes down with a big reception along the sideline. Ertz drops a catch at the goal-line that would have been a touchdown. Parkey nails the short kick this time. It's a tie game.

Redskins 9th drive: Punt

Philadelphia gets a stop after a Griffin ball hits Fletcher in the head. Does that count as a pass breakup?

Eagles 10th drive: Interception

Sanchez finds Ertz for a 14th time, which is the most ever by an Eagles tight end. Then a 15 catch sets the record for most receptions by an Eagles pass catcher in a single game. Sanchez throws a pass that's picked off by Washington. Of course. The play is reviewed but the ruling stands.

Redskins 10th drive: Field goal (27-24, Washington)

Cary Williams whiffs on a Pierre Garcon catch. Washington gets extra yards on a roughing the passer penalty. The Redskins move into scoring territory with less than a minute left and kick a field goal with single digit seconds remaining.

Eagles 11th drive: Time expires

Hail mary attempt gets batted down.


The Eagles are now 9-6 with one game remaining. The season is all but over.

Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Redskins post-game coverage.

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