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EXCLUSIVE: University of Florida's Phone Call to Chip Kelly

BGN has obtained a recording of the University of Florida's phone call to Chip Kelly.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The silly season in college football has already begun, and with it the tired and ignorant speculation that Chip Kelly will leave the Eagles to go back to college. It made no sense last year, and it makes even less sense this year. Still, that doesn't stop know nothing radio hosts from boldy proclaiming their imagination as fact, or fans of teams with vacant coaching positions from hoping. It's no secret that Chip Kelly couldn't stand recruiting and booster events, and considering he already makes more than every college coach but Nick Saban, no college team can afford to pay him a salary that makes him want to leave.

So it should be pretty clear that Chip Kelly isn't going anywhere. But the University of Florida is going to give it the college try. University of Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley contacted Chip Kelly earlier today to gauge his interest in the vacant Gators job. Bleeding Green Nation has obtained an EXCLUSIVE recording of the phone call.

Pretty conclusive.

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