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Eagles 2008 draft pick Jack Ikegwuonu arrested for armed robbery

Not good.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A former Eagles draft pick is making the news, but not in a good way.

Former Philadelphia cornerback Jack Ikweguonu has been arrested for committing five armed robberies in Wisconsin (Madison and Middleton) over a nearly two-week period last month. Ikweguonu has reportedly confessed to the crimes. According to a police release, the stolen money in these robberies was used for the purchase of heroin.

The Eagles drafted Ikweguonu in 2008 in the 4th round at pick No. 131 overall. He was injured at the time of being drafted so the Eagles stashed him away on injured reserve in hopes he would be ready to play in his sophomore season. He never ended up making an impact, however. He appeared in one game for Philadelphia against the Chicago Bears on November 22, 2009 before being cut and never returning to the NFL since. Needless to say, he was a big draft bust.

Ikweguonu had a history of running into trouble with the law even before he was drafted by the Eagles. That history has now extended into his post-NFL life.

In 2009, both were acquitted of allegedly breaking into a home in DeKalb, Illinois, in November 2006. They said they went into the home because they were looking for a party they had been told about.

In 2011, Jack Ikegwuonu was charged with retail theft for allegedly stealing a pair of shoes from a Madison store where William Ikegwuonu worked. He pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct, a civil forfeiture, and was fined.

Jack Ikegwuonu was also arrested in 2012 for possessing drug paraphernalia in a parked car in the town of Madison, but that charge was also reduced.



And now for an extremely esoteric note:

There used to be a commentator on BGN with the username of "jack is better than asante". The username was created because said user believed Jack Ikegwuonu was better than Asante Samuel. This user was nicknamed JIBTA and became known for his bold opinions and poor grammar. JIBTA doesn't really comment anymore, but the older commenters on this site won't soon forget him.

So here's to you, JIBTA.

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