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The Linc - Who will the Eagles quarterback be in 2015?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/2/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Some QB Perspective - Iggles Blitz
Here’s an interesting question. Would you trade Nick Foles for Kap? Would you trade Nick Foles for RG3? Straight up. No other picks. It sure looks like RG3 is done in WAS. He has a ton of talent, but needs coaching and stability. Chip Kelly and the Eagles would offer both. Jay Glazer says Jim Harbaugh is gone after this year. That could mean Kap is available. The new coach might prefer a more productive passer. Part of my point in talking about Kap and RG3 is that they are special physically. Both are fast runners. Both have great arms. Foles is nothing like them, which frustrates his critics. They don’t see anything special. Why would you want that guy as your QB?

Welcome Back, O Line! - ChipWagon
Best game of the year by far by the O line, judging not just by results, which of course were very good, but by how they played together. As a unit.

Innovation and Philadelphia sports franchises - The Good Phight
Other Philadelphia GMs are innovative. Why can't Ruben Amaro Jr. be?

Twitter Mailbag: On the QB Situation - Birds 24/7
Sanchez is 3-1 as a starter.  If the next four games go like the last four, the Eagles will be sitting at 12-4 and could very well have a first-round bye. A 2-2 finish and 11-5 record could still fetch you a home playoff game. Are you going to mess with the quarterback spot in that scenario? Sanchez is playing pretty good ball and so is the team overall. Barring an injury or an out-and-out Sanchez collapse, I don't see Foles playing again this year.

The Eagles' QB for 2015 will be ... - Daily News
CHIP KELLY is 19-9 through 28 games in the NFL, pretty darned good for a coach who might not have his quarterback yet. The question of who quarterbacks the Eagles next season isn't one fans are spending a lot of time pondering right now. (That is why you have sports reporters.) But it might have a big impact on whether Kelly can win a Super Bowl in the near future.

Tempo Gives Offense An Edge -
It's called "simple" and then "innovative" from one sentence to the next. Chip Kelly doesn't add labels. Doesn't care about the analysis. He just wants points any way the Eagles can score them ...

Russell Wilson's speed and smarts will challenge Eagles - CSN Philly
Other quarterbacks who can run can’t help themselves. At the first sign of trouble, they’re gone down the field. As soon as a play breaks down, they tuck the ball in and take off. When the first read isn’t open, off they go. What sets Russell Wilson apart from other mobile quarterbacks is that he’s not a running passer. He’s a quarterback who can also run.

Chip: Sanchez and Cooper’s on-field spat about Thanksgiving dinner - The 700 Level
As smoothly as the Philadelphia Eagles dispatched of the Dallas Cowboys last week, the game did not go off entirely without incident. Much has been made of the on-field tiff between Mark Sanchez and Riley Cooper that was captured by the broadcast during the fourth quarter of Thursday’s 33-10 win. Both quarterback and wide receiver have since dismissed the dust-up as a total non-issue, but that didn’t prevent reporters from grilling Chip Kelly about it at Monday’s news conference. When asked for his thoughts on the situation, the head coach joked that the argument was over "What they were going to eat for Thanksgiving after the game."

MMBM: Why are hippie cops protesting? - SB Nation
The week's most important NFL column gets you caught up to speed on all the goings-on in professional football.

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