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Should the Eagles have interest in Jay Cutler?

It's rare that a longtime franchise quarterback is on the trade market, but that may be the case this summer for the second time Jay Cutler's career.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears have seemingly moved on from franchise quarterback Jay Cutler. While they signed him to a large long-term deal this offseason, Chicago has already benched the veteran passer. Cutler is now likely to be put on the trade block during an offseason where there are likely to be 10-12 teams badly looking for an upgrade at quarterback.

The Eagles, depending on how you feel about Nick Foles, may be in the market for a clear upgrade at the position. Philadelphia has a combined 23 passing touchdowns, 19 interceptions, 2,915 passing yards and 10 fumbles from its two quarterbacks this season. Cutler, who has been a starting quarterback for nine seasons, has 28 passing touchdowns, 18 interceptions, 3,640 passing yards and 12 fumbles by comparison.

Clearly, Cutler is capable of being a top-notch passer. He has been a playoff quarterback and has consistently won games in the NFL. That said, he has also been a turnover machine and has manned a Bears team that hasn't made the playoffs since 2010. He has only been to the playoffs once and he has thrown more than 18 interceptions in three seasons (including this one, in just 14 games).

Perhaps, Cutler is a victim of an overrated coaching staff with a terrible offensive coordinator that speaks openly to the media. That said, is he really better than what the Eagles have? Sure, he's more mobile than Foles and he's got a better arm than Mark Sanchez, but he also costs significantly more. He has played in only one more playoff game than Foles with six more years of experience. There is also the fact that he's been quit on by two separate franchises.

Should the Eagles have interest? With all of the above information, it would really be hard to justify that trade, no matter the compensation. At 31, Cutler has put up a lot of yardage and touchdowns, but really hasn't had a ton of success. While it may be hard to trade up for Marcus Mariota or find a key target in later rounds, it also may not make sense to take on the massive salary of a quarterback who really hasn't earned it as of late.

What do you think? Is Jay Cutler a good fit for Philly?

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