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Chicago Bears are actually benching Jay Cutler for Jimmy Clausen

Rough times in Chi-town.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears are a bad football team. They're 5-9 this season and they've lost three straight games. Head coach Marc Trestman could be fired after just being hired in 2013 and general manager Phil Emery might not be safe either.

But the Bears have hit a new low. According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, the team is benching veteran starter Jay Cutler in favor of... Jimmy Clausen. While Cutler has certainly struggled -- he threw three interceptions against New Orleans on Monday night -- this move seems pretty surprising. The Bears just gave Cutler a huge extension last year and now they're benching him... for Jimmy Clausen, who has never been anything more than a backup at best.

How does this move impact the Eagles? Well, Chicago plays the Detroit Lions this weekend. A Bears win would certainly help the Eagles' unlikely chances at earning a wild card. The Bears probably weren't going to win even if Cutler started anyway, but Clausen playing makes the chances at an upset even less likely. Now it's really up for Philly to hope the Indianapolis Colts can beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Chicago's quarterback situation might serve as a reminder to Eagles fans that things could always be worse. It's not as if the Eagles have a clear answer under center, but at least they're not starting Jimmy Clausen. (Low bar, huh?)

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