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The Linc - Brian Dawkins is upset with the Eagles defense

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/17/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Playoff Talk - Iggles Blitz
Making the playoffs is no substitute for winning the Super Bowl, but those scenarios work hand-in-hand, not opposed to each other. This isn’t like I’m a college basketball fan bragging about NIT titles. The first step to getting to the Super Bowl is making the playoffs. I know some of you could argue that there is a benefit to bottoming out and getting a high pick. The Eagles did that in 2012 and got Lane Johnson for their troubles. This team has a lot of key pieces in place. The problems that do exist don’t have to be solved by high picks. I’d love for the Eagles to have a true, unquestioned franchise QB, but just because you draft high doesn’t mean you’ll get one. See Mark Sanchez for example 1.

Eagle Eye: Illustrating Kelly's Comments -
Obviously this game didn’t go well, as there were errors made in all three phases that contributed to the loss. Head coach Chip Kelly touched on a number of issues in his day-after press conference after reviewing the tape. Here's look at some specific quotes from Kelly and what he’s talking about from the tape of Sunday’s game.

Maclin: No Bad Blood With DeSean - Birds 24/7
Jeremy Maclin stood at the podium after practice Tuesday afternoon and wanted to set the record straight on a couple different topics. One was his relationship with DeSean Jackson. The two never seemed especially close when they played together, but Jackson told the Inquirer over the weekend that he’s happy for Maclin and the success he’s had. "We’ve spoken a few times this year," Maclin said. "I don’t know how people perceive that relationship between him and I. We’re cool. No hard feelings either way. At the end of the day, he’s in Washington now and we’re here."

Building takes time, and the Eagles aren’t finished - The 700 Level
How quickly we forget the Philadelphia Eagles finished with a 4-12 record in 2012. The way some people talk, you would think they were supposed to be bona fide Super Bowl contenders only two seasons later. Blame Chip Kelly for exceeding expectations in his first year on the sidelines. Few envisioned the Eagles would go 10-6 and win an NFC East championship in 2013, but that’s what wound up happening. The end result was a narrow first-round playoff exit—and a ton of misplaced hype heading into the offseason.

Dawkins upset, baffled by Eagles' defense on Bryant - CSN Philly
Brian Dawkins knows a thing or two about defense in the secondary. He has "no earthly idea" why the Eagles didn't offer more safety help on Dez Bryant Sunday night. The Cowboys' receiver had his way with cornerback Bradley Fletcher in Dallas' 38-27 win over the Eagles, and it left Dawkins befuddled.

A Chip in the armor - Daily News
ANDY REID won 11 games and lost five in his second season as a professional head football coach. If all goes as expected - and that's been a mighty dangerous word around here these last few weeks - Chip Kelly will finish with an identical record in his second full season as a professional head football coach. There are other similarities, as well. Both men were risky choices. Both men were risk-taking, offensive-minded men: Reid a third-generation apostle of Bill Walsh's West Coast offense; Kelly a college trailblazer with his breakneck offensive pace, dictating your personnel as well as his.

Chris Conte said some dangerous things about playing with concussions - SB Nation
Chris Conte says he's fine trading off longevity for a fun football career. This is not really how that works.

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