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Jay Gruden has zero confidence in Robert Griffin's ability to play quarterback


Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden isn't afraid to be honest. Earlier in the season, he (rather awkwardly) called out DeSean Jackson for being a bad blocker. Now Gruden is taking shots at struggling third-year quarterback Robert Griffin III, who will start against the Philadelphia Eagles this week.

Yikes! Not exactly a vote of confidence. Pretty much just the exact opposite.

I mean, Gruden is literally saying that he hopes Griffin doesn't have to do basic things that a quarterback should be able to do.

The criticism isn't really unwarranted. Griffin has not played well this year. Washington is 0-5 in the five games where Griffin has played the majority of the team's snaps. D.C. has only scored more than 13 points in just one of those games.

Still... why would he say this? It doesn't seem to really help anyone.

It's a bizarre situation down there in Washington. It appears Gruden will be returning for the 2015 season, and if that's the case, it looks like Griffin will not.

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