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Have you given up on the Philadelphia Eagles season?

Do you even want to see the Eagles make the playoffs?

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The Philadelphia Eagles' loss to the Dallas Cowboys proved very costly with respect to their chances of qualifying for the 2015 NFL playoffs. An Eagles victory would have allowed the Birds to virtually clinch the NFC East with just two weeks remaining. Now, they face a very realistic situation where winning out might not be enough if they don't get the help they need. The Eagles hopes of making the playoffs are far from officially over, but their chances are not favorable.

My question for Eagles fans is the following: have you given up on this team? Do you even want to see them make the playoffs? Here's my best attempt to argue both sides of the coins.

1) Yes, I have given up on the Eagles.

The Eagles are done. They likely won't make the playoffs. They likely have to rely on Mark Sanchez to beat both the Washington Redskins AND the New York Giants on the road because Nick Foles isn't even ready to play. Even if they do that, the Cowboys probably won't lose one of their remaining two games. The Colts will be a challenge for Dallas, sure, but Indianapolis doesn't even have a lot to play for after clinching the AFC South this week. It's also hard to see Dallas losing on the road to a lowly Washington team.

And even if the Eagles DO make the playoffs, they won't win a game. They haven't fared well against good teams this season. They might be able to win one game, but probably not. Their quarterback play isn't nearly good enough to match up with teams that have legitimately good passers. Philadelphia's secondary will just continue to get exposed.

It would benefit the Eagles more by missing the playoffs. They would get a better draft pick. Everyone knows the Eagles could use some more talent.

2) No, I have not given up on the Eagles!

Are you crazy, BLG? What a stupid post. Yeah, I know the Eagles lost. I realize the team has some very concerning weaknesses. But the season isn't over yet. There are two weeks left and there's no point of giving up until it's officially over. Who knows, the Colts might be able to beat Dallas. It's not like the Cowboys are even all that great at home anyway. The Eagles should be able to take of business against Washington and New York because those teams are bad. For as much as people want to say that the Eagles can't beat good teams, the Birds have been able to beat up on bad teams.

I absolutely want to see the Eagles make the playoffs. No Eagles fan wants to see the stinkin' Cowboys win the NFC East. The NFL playoffs are much more random than any sport. The Eagles could get in and make a surprise run, who knows. Is that favorable? No, probably not. But it's possible, and I'm not ready to give up just yet. Plus the whole thing about the draft pick is silly. It won't even be that big of a difference and I would rather see the Eagles try to win.


So there are you arguments. What's your case?

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