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Cowboys fan converts into Eagles fan

A Cowboys fan sees the light.

Week 15: Cowboys vs. Eagles Cartoon from Philadelphia Eagles on Vimeo.

The confessions of a Philadelphia-born Dallas Cowboys fan are endless. Someone needs a makeover, just in time for #BeatDallas.

Philadelphia Eagles game day is here.

Here are some videos to watch while you wait for the Philadelphia Eagles to take on the Dallas Cowboys later tonight in what is poised to be a big matchup between two NFC East rivals.

First, watch the Eagles-Cowboys flash cartoon in the video above this post. It's corny as always. This week's version details the life of a Philadelphia-born Cowboys fans who converts into an Eagles fan by the end of the video.

I think some Eagles fans would argue that converting might even be a bigger offense than being a Cowboys fan. At least pick a side and stick with it, right? Otherwise, you're essentially just a bandwagon fan, which is why Cowboys fans are despised.

Anyway, here's another video to watch. It's the Eagles-Cowboys hype video featuring Merrill Reese calling various games throughout the years. No Bradley Cooper in this one, oddly enough.

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