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Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon makes fun of Eagles and Cowboys players

Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys players alike were the victims of a skit performed this week by The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon handed out superlative awards to various players based on their head shot photos.

Definitely watch the entire clip above, but here are the Eagles players. I have to say, some of these are pretty accurate.

Nick Foles - Most Likely To Be The Love Child Of Ryan Gosling And Macaulay Culkin

Scary, but some things you can't un-see.

Jeff Maehl - Most Likely To Be In An NFL Boy Band Called "8-Point Touchdown"

Maehl man sure does have that boy band hair.

Riley Cooper - Most Likely To Be A Troll Doll After Just Getting Out Of The Shower

This is probably one of the nicest things someone is willing to say about Cooper these days.

Matt Barkley - Most Likely To Be Draco Malfoy's Mugshot


Connor Barwin - Most Likely To Ask His Barbre For "The Macklemore, But Worse"

Got him.

Chris Maragos - Most Likely To Purposely Leave The Egg Avatar Up On His Twitter Profile Pic

Bald joke? That's cold.

Beau Allen - Most Likely To Be Mario Batali Auditioning For "Lord Of The Rings"

They saved the best for last.

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