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Cowboys vs Eagles: Is Momentum on Dallas' Side?

We asked an Eagles writer to write about the Eagles.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys travel to the Santa's favorite city to play the Philadelphia Eagles in the second installment of Cowboys vs Eagles. I asked Brandin Gowton to take time out of his pro bono PR work to answer some questions about the Eaglea. (Here's his questions for me.)

1. Last week the Cowboys beat the Bears by 13 points. The Eagles lost to the Seahawks by 10. Add those up and that's 23. Add those 23 points to the 10 that Dallas scored on Thanksgiving and it's a 33-33 game - which is a tie. Wouldn't you agree that clearly the Cowboys have all the momentum?

My take on momentum is that it exists... until it doesn't. Pretty groundbreaking, huh? But no, I don't think it makes a difference. The Bears are terrible. That defense is atrocious. The Seahawks are playing at a higher level now than they have all season. I don't think how these teams performed in Week 14 has much to do with how they'll play in Week 15.

2. How are the Eagles going to defend a fully healthy and in top form Tony Romo?

That's surely something to watch. Last game, Romo went down at the slightest hint of pressure. Other times he had space to take off downfield but didn't use it. I think he'll be a little more aggressive this time. I also think the Cowboys will try to force feed the ball to Dez Bryant a little more often. That is, if he isn't too busy yelling at his team's defense on the sideline. The Eagles have a much better defensive game plan than just relying on their star wide receiver to yell at people.

3. Bolstered by the return of Josh Brent, the Cowboys defense had their best game since they beat the Jaguars in London four weeks ago, and now have 10 days to prepare for the Eagles offense. How will the Eagles cope with a rested and improved Cowboys defense?

I'm not sure rest will make much of a difference. While it's true that they look gassed, they also just aren't very talented.

4. The Cowboys are undefeated on the road, and last year the Cowboys beat the Eagles in Philly. That has to have fans worried.

Wait, this isn't even a question.

I don't think fans should be too worried. Prior to losing to the Seahawks, the Eagles had won 10 straight games at home. Last year's Eagles-Cowboys game in Philly didn't have much of a big game feel to it. It was relatively early in the season and it was a 1 PM game. This time it's SNF and there's a lot on the line. The Philly faithful should be rowdy and fired up for this game. Dallas should expect a hostile environment.

5. Now that the Seahawks have given the blue print to stop the Eagles offense, is Chip Kelly going to be able to adjust his entire offense in only a week, with the most important game on the line?

If there's any talk of blueprint here, it should be that the Eagles showed everyone how to beat the Cowboys: stop the run and everything else falls apart.

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