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The Linc - Eagles are in Dez Bryant's head

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/10/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Appreciating Howie - Iggles Blitz
2012 presented a challenge to Howie Roseman. Reid had to go, but was more than that needed? Did the Eagles need to be blown up? Roseman didn’t panic. He went out and found the best coach he could, Chip Kelly. It took some time, but Kelly eventually took the job. Some executives would have talked about a complete overhaul of the roster. Roseman saw talent in place and knew that 2012 was somewhat of an anomaly. The Eagles didn’t have 4-12 talent. They played like it that year, but the right coaching staff could solve many problems. Roseman was able to work on upgrading the roster where it needed help.

All-22: The Good And Bad Of the Eagles’ Defense - Birds 24/7
Eagles defensive players – well, most of them anyway – know by now not to make excuses. The offense wants to play fast every week, regardless of opponent, situation or anything else. The defense’s job is always to get off the field and give the offense another chance to score. Since Chip Kelly took over, that formula has worked pretty well. But there are games, like Sunday’s, when the offense is stagnant. And that puts the defensive players in a bind.

EXTRA! EXTRA! 'Read' All About It: Losing Contain - ChipWagon
Last week we wrote about how the Eagles defense would get a big test against the Seahawks dynamic read-option. Billy Davis commented that the Eagles would be well prepared for the read-option given the number of college coaches on the staff who had seen it all and based on the fact that the Eagles defense faces that look every day in practice. We also talked about some of the keys to stopping the read option.

Eagles' mystifying support of Cooper - Inquirer
What is it about Riley Cooper? The Eagles defend him as if he were accused of a crime he didn't commit and they were the law firm of Darrow, Cochrane, & Dershowitz. He had 47 receptions last season and already has 46 through 13 games this season. That's good. The rest . . . hmmm. His yards-per-catch average has plummeted, from 17.8 last season to 10.2 this one. He has caught one touchdown in 2014 after catching eight in 2013. He has ticked off teammate Jeremy Maclin by making a joke about Maclin's contract situation. And he and Mark Sanchez can't seem to connect, either before a play or during it.

Eagles' Mychal Kendricks coming into his own - Inquirer
When Mychal Kendricks' teammates were asked to give his No. 1 attribute, they talked about his athleticism. When defensive coordinator Bill Davis spoke of the Eagles linebacker, he focused on his versatility. Kendricks' athleticism and versatility are tied together, and help explain the blossoming he's had in his third season. But when asked to explain his improvement, which reached its zenith Sunday against the Seahawks, Kendricks focused on his mental state, which he said has become less anxious.

Bradley Fletcher: Eagles got in Dez Bryant’s head - CSN Philly
The Cowboys lost. They lost on Thanksgiving, on national television, at home, in a game that stopped being in question the moment the opening kickoff happened. Some of them weren’t happy about that. Some of them were upset. Understandably so. Dez Bryant, in the least surprising reaction ever, was the most ticked off of all.

Eagles break silence on great Harry Potter Sideline Toy Mystery - The 700 Level
There were plenty of moments during Sunday's Eagles loss to the Seahawks when fans at home watching on TV where thinking, "What the hell was that?!?" But those moments were not limited to when Mark Sanchez was throwing interceptions. No. They also included when Sanchez was shown on the sidelines with a strange toy behind him.

Numbers That Make You Say 'Hmmmm' -
How do the numbers look now versus what we thought they would like like back in August? Thirteen games in, which numbers jump out at you about the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles? ...

Dolphins sign LB Jake Knott - The Phinsider
The Miami Dolphins have added linebacker Jake Knott to their 53-man roster, according to a report from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Omar Kelly. Knott originally signed with the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted free agent in 2013, appearing in 12 games as a rookie, primarily on special teams.

Jadeveon Clowney could miss 9 months with microfracture surgery - SB Nation
The Texans linebacker only started two games during his rookie campaign.

Cam Newton suffers back injury in car wreck - SB Nation
Cam Newton was involved in an accident Tuesday when his truck overturned on a bridge. Here's everything we know.

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