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The Linc - Mark Sanchez's favorite target is Jordan Matthews

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/8/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Get in the solar game. Just like the Eagles.
The Philadelphia Eagles depend on affordable and sustainable solar power from NRG. Now you can, too. Schedule your free consultation today.

NFC Hierarchy/Obituary with Week 9 in the books -
The Eagles had four turnovers against the Texans. That brings their total on the season to 21 turnovers, which leads the NFL. They're on pace for 42. Last season, they had 19 all season. They are playing incredibly sloppy football. And yet, despite handing opportunities to their opponents on a silver platter all season, the Eagles are 6-2. They have the best point differential in the NFC. And the worst turnover differential. One of the weirdest teams in recent memory.

Wulf's Den: The Defensive Improvement -
Despite what looks to be a resurgent running game, the 2014 Eagles have been a far different football team than last year's team. Beyond their control, luck has bequeathed the team with a spate of injuries. But they also lead the league with 21 turnovers (compared to 19 giveaways in all of 2013) and rank second-to-last with 10 plays of over 40 yards surrendered on defense (compared to only nine in all of 2013).

Lots of QB Talk - Iggles Blitz
Nick Foles is out and Mark Sanchez is in. This was done due to injury, but was Chip Kelly considering the move before the injury? He said at today’s press conference that was not the case at all. Chip was pretty emphatic that he supported Foles and had no intention of benching him. Was Chip telling the truth?

Bringing Back the Sidewalk and the Ambush - ChipWagon
One of the most explosive play calls for the Chip Kelly offense in 2013 was the screen game. I covered it many times last year, including here, and highlighted how the Eagles used misdirection and deception to disguise the screen game. Quite frankly the Eagles have not had the same level of success in the screen game in 2014.

Inside Voices: Sanchez To Matthews Once Again - Birds 24/7
Jordan Matthews described meeting Mark Sanchez for the first time as his "Welcome to the NFL moment." "When I saw him I was like, ‘That’s Mark Sanchez.’ It was kind of weird to me," he said. "But he came right up to me and was like, ‘Hey, what’s up Jordan?’ Cool as the other side of the pillow. It helped my transition a lot because it was like, OK, these guys aren’t that different from me." Paired together on the second team this summer, the two became fast friends on the field. Sanchez targeted Matthews so often it became a running joke among some members of the media: "Guess who?" Without looking, you knew it was Sanchez to Matthews.

Why Kelly values size over speed - Daily News
THE LATE Al Davis was obsessed with speed. Always took the wide receiver or defensive back with the fastest 40 time, regardless of production, intelligence, hands or length of rap sheet. His fondness for guys who could fly was why the Raiders inexplicably selected Darrius Heyward-Bey with the seventh pick in the 2009 draft, a curious decision that ultimately allowed Jeremy Maclin to fall to the Eagles 12 picks later. When it comes to wide receivers, Chip Kelly cares more about size than speed. It's kind of a part of that whole big-people-beat-up-little-people thing.

Chris Polk joins McCoy, Sproles to form potent RB committee - CSN Philly
The Texans had started to wear down late in the third quarter Sunday when Chris Polk took his first handoff from Mark Sanchez. Linebackers had hands on their hips, defensive backs huffed and puffed. Polk didn’t notice their body language. That’s not the reason he charged at Houston’s defense like a rodeo bronco storming out of the gate, his body twisting and turning and legs churning until finally being dragged down 22 yards later on the Texans’ fourth attempt at bringing him down. He just runs that way every time.

Jason Pierre-Paul questions Giants' heart - New York Giants Blog - ESPN New York
Tuesday, Antrel Rolle said the New York Giants lack passion. Two days later, Jason Pierre-Paul said the Giants don't have enough heart.

Punt Brothers, where everyone's had a dumbest moment - SB Nation
On this week's Punt Brothers, we talk to SB Nation NFL Editor Ryan Van Bibber about *every* *single* *franchise*. How do we do this in less than an hour? Easy: we spend one minute and only one minute on each team! We'll also discuss RVB's dumbest moment as a Rams fan and Jane's dumbest as a Bengals fan.

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