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Chip Kelly says Eagles haven't soured on Nick Foles

Just a reminder that Chip Kelly controls the roster.

Rich Schultz

During his Thursday press conference, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was quick to downplay a report from that the organization has soured on third-year quarterback Nick Foles. The original report suggested that Foles' long-term future with the team was in doubt even prior to quarterback's shoulder injury in Week 9.

Kelly responded strongly to questions of that report with the following statement:

I don’t know where that stuff comes from. I mean I know this, I know I control the roster. And I think you guys can say first-hand, I don’t talk to anybody, so whoever says they have a source in terms of what’s gonna go on with roster maneuvers or people going up and people going down, they never talked to the right person because that comes from me. That never was the case. I’ve got great faith in Nick, and I think he’s a hell of a quarterback. And I think sometimes he gets banged too much, but I wish there was more people like Nick Foles in our lives."

While Philadelphia's quarterback situation isn't clear moving forward, it is very clear who will be the one calling the shots when it's time to make decisions: Chip.

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