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The Linc - Brent Celek is having a career year

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/5/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Word on the Birds: Nick Foles, DeMeco Ryans injured -
On this week's episode of Word on the Birds,'s Jimmy Kempski and Dave Spadaro of discuss how the injuries to stars Nick Foles and DeMeco Ryans will affect the Eagles.

State of the NFC East - Iggles Blitz
I can see where fans of the other teams might look at the injuries to Nick Foles and DeMeco Ryans as potential game changers. I think the Eagles can overcome both. Mark Sanchez is now the QB and he showed plenty of potential on Sunday. Mychal Kendricks is back at ILB and his return can  help to offset the loss of Ryans. The Eagles are a flawed team that plays sloppy but they win. And they lead the NFC in point differential so it isn’t like they win each week by just a point or two.

Crossing Streams (Episode 26): Maybe He’s Just Dumb - Crossing Broad
BGN Radio's John Barchard joins Kyle and Jim to discuss how 10 years in radio turned him on to podcasting, the problems with forced discussion in sports media, the time Ryan Seacrest threatened to fire him, his problem with Jeff McLane, lousy beat writers, the Sixers and why Howard Eskin is a moron, Chip Kelly's "quarterback proof offense," Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, the Ryan brothers' misplaced focus on defense, and arena lighting.

What Can We Expect of Mark Sanchez as the Philadelphia Eagles' Starter? - numberFire
Like a phoenix from the ashes, Mark Sanchez has risen again. Given new life by the unfortunate injury to Nick Foles, Sanchez is the starter for a first-place team in November. If only the NFL weren't so predictable. Because Sanchez is on a team that actually cares about winning for once, his performance matters. Danger zone. What can we expect from Sanchez this season? Does this injury sink the Eagles' playoff chances?

A fresh start for Mark Sanchez - Inquirer
The low point? You want to know the low point for Mark Sanchez during his career with the New York Jets? You want an understanding of and appreciation for how far he's come, how different everything is for him, now that he has assumed the Eagles' starting quarterback job because of Nick Foles' cracked clavicle? Seriously, you want to know how bad it was?

Brent Celek's poor numbers don't tell the full story - CSN Philly
Look at the numbers, and Brent Celek is having the worst season of his career. Watch him actually play football, and he might be having the best year of his career. Celek, who averaged nearly 600 receiving yards in his first seven NFL seasons, has just 90 yards through eight games this year. He doesn’t have a touchdown, his per-catch average of 6.4 is half his career average, and he has just two catches longer than eight yards halfway through the season. And, yeah, he’s playing better than ever.

Kelce Helps Welcome Soldiers Home -
Eagles fans dream of the chance to share a home-cooked meal with an Eagles player. That's what Tuesday night was all about for the families of Tech Sargent Silmer Carmona and Senior Airman of the International Guard Tariq Fladger. These two servicemen entered their families for a chance to eat a home-cooked Dietz & Watson meal made by center Jason Kelce. At least that's what the families were told.

How Screwed Are The Eagles With Mark Sanchez As Their Starting QB? | FiveThirtyEight
There’s no question that the Eagles are worse off because of the injury to Foles, and it makes a material difference to their playoff odds going forward. But things may not be quite as dire for Philadelphia as they seem.

Drew Bledsoe: Mark Sanchez was like Jets’ sacrificial ‘virgin’ | New York Post
"Going to play quarterback for the Jets … it’s kind of like, you know when they used to take the pretty young virgin up to the edge of the volcano and then just throw them in?" Bledsoe said. "That’s kind of what it is when you play quarterback for the Jets. It just feels bad. "Mark had to live with that for a long time. And people threw him under the bus like he was the whole reason for the demise of the Jets. … To see him be able to come on to the field in a good system, with good talent and perform well, I’m just really happy for him."

Blue-Grey Jersey Presentation Tour: Brian Dawkins Jr. - Blue Grey Football
Brian Dawkins Jr. is certainly proud of his famous father, a longtime NFL veteran and likely candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton (OH). Still, stepping out from the shadows of dear old dad has not been an easy task. They share the same name, after all. And play the same sport, for that matter. Focused on establishing his own identity, Dawkins Jr. recently moved an important step closer to doing so with a selection to the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl on Dec. 14 at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Once there, he will compete against the country’s premier prospects in the Class of 2015.

The epidemic bringing down the NFL's best teams - SB Nation
The Broncos and Cowboys both lost this weekend, and there's a very specific problem at the heart of those losses.

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