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Nick Foles' long-term future with the Eagles is in doubt

According to a report from, the Eagles were souring on Nick Foles prior to his injury.

Bob Levey

The short-term outlook for Eagles quarterback Nick Foles doesn't look good. The third-year player suffered a fractured collarbone during the team's Week 9 game against the Houston Texans and could miss six to eight weeks before fully recovering. It's looking very possible Foles won't make another start for Philadelphia this season.

The long-term outlook, however, isn't looking much better. According to a report from, the Eagles were starting to sour on Foles even prior to his injury. Here's what Mark Eckel had to say:

According to people with knowledge of the Eagles' plans, Foles' long-term future was in doubt even before the injury.

Foles' play during the first half of this 2014 season in stark contrast to his Pro Bowl season of 2013 has "soured'' some in the organization, including general manager Howie Roseman, according to sources.


"I think Howie is looking at quarterbacks,'' a league source told "He's kind of soured on Foles, and I don't think he's alone. The organization isn't sold that he's the guy going forward.''

This hardly should come as a surprise. It was clear that Foles was struggling prior to injury. The Eagles were winning, yes, but often it was in spite of Foles, not just because of him. Foles did not play nearly well enough to warrant a contract extension following the 2015 season.

Now, this report hardly signals the immediate end of Foles' tenure in Philadelphia. The 25-year-old quarterback still has one year remaining on his rookie deal after this season. The Eagles won't suddenly be in a rush to get rid of him. With that said, it does seem like they won't be shy to look elsewhere for quarterback help if they're truly not sold on Foles.

Philadelphia's quarterback situation moving forward is very unclear. While it appears the organization has soured on Foles, veteran backup Mark Sanchez has a lot to prove before he can enter the discussion. Not to mention the fact he's on a one-year contract and will be a free agent after the season. Second-year player Matt Barkley hasn't shown much starting potential.

But for now, the long-term issues can be put on the back burner. The Eagles still have eight games left to play and Sanchez will likely be the starter for most, if not all, of those match-ups. To be determined how it plays out.

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