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Winners and Losers from Eagles win over Cowboys in Week 13

The Eagles blowout win over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving has the team is prime position to win the division.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

BOOM! The Eagles trounced the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, 33-10. Philadelphia was the underdog for the majority of the country (including myself) heading into the game, but the Birds owned Dallas throughout the game on Thursday. In fact, the Eagles outscored the Cowboys' points total by midway through the first quarter after adding a second touchdown.

This was a fun win for the Eagles and while the entire team was a winner on Thanksgiving, let's highlight the standouts. Let's get to the winners and losers.


Fletcher Cox: Mark Sanchez and LeSean McCoy will get a lot of the credit, but this may have been the best game of Fletcher Cox's career. He was dominant against the run and provided pressure throughout. He finished with four tackles and a sack on the stat sheet.

Mark Sanchez: This was the best quarterback play for the Eagles since Nick Foles' performance against the Oakland Raiders last season. Sanchez was on point for the majority of the game and when he made mistakes, they were either few and far between or on his receivers. Sanchez ran the ball with success and found open receivers, while nailing throws on the run. In my opinion, he is the guy moving forward for the remainder of this season. He finished 20-of-29 for 217 passing yards (202 yards in the first half) and a passing touchdown to go along with 28 rushing yards and a running score.

LeSean McCoy: Hey, so he's the best in the world again. McCoy was dominant on Thursday and was so good that most of his missed opportunities came due to his lack of vision on some plays. He got the award given by FOX at the end of Thanksgiving games and truly was special on Thursday. He finished with 25 carries for 159 yards and a touchdown.

Offensive Line: They only allowed one sack and led the way for 256 rushing yards. They owned the Cowboys defensive front seven and it wasn't even close. Andrew Gardner's fumble recovery was massive in the grand scheme of momentum.

Casey Matthews: He is going to get a Nate Allen-style recall this off-season. Say what you want about his first three years in Philadelphia, but Matthews has played very well the last few weeks. He was good against the run and showed some pass rush. He finished with two tackles and a sack.

Trent Cole and Connor Barwin: It won't show up on the stat sheet but these guys got pressure on a fairly frequent basis. They were denied sacks, but they got into Tony Romo's head.

Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry: The "Non-Fits" got a sack each and played very well. At least one of them will be on the roster next season.

Jeremy Maclin: His career year just keeps getting better. He was huge on Thursday with eight catches for 108 receiving yards. He is just so good this season and he's getting paid. You'd have to hope he's here for years to come.

Jordan Matthews: He wasn't as prominent in this game but was very important to the success of the team. He finished with four catches for 51 yards and a touchdown.

Cody Parkey: He was 4-of-4 on field goal attempts, granted they were all pretty much chip shots (no pun intended).

Billy Davis: The Eagles defense stopped Romo's streak of touchdowns in a game at 38 and were the first team this season to hold DeMarco Murray under four yards per carry. Murray was held to 73 rushing yards and Romo was 18-of-29 for 199 passing yards and two interceptions. Davis called a good game.

Eagles secondary: Nate Allen had two turnovers, Cary Williams had an interception, Brandon Boykin had a forced fumble and Dez Bryant was largely a non-factor. They showed up when it mattered.

Chip Kelly: He called a nearly-perfect game and was clearly ready to own the Cowboys. He did just that.


Dwayne Harris: He's an absolute punk and should have been ejected for his unnecessary and cheap-shot hit on Nolan Carroll. I understand being frustrated about the team's incompetence, but you can't put another guy's career at risk like that.

Jerry Jones: How about that Pitbull performance, huh?

Pitbull: Boyz II Men > Pitbull.

Tony Romo: He just didn't look right and was afraid of contact. No matter how you feel about the Cowboys, Romo is typically a pretty tough guy. He was seeing ghosts on Thursday and avoided hits by falling down.

Cowboys defense: Dave Mangels tried to tell you that they weren't good.

Lack of Holding Calls: Just based off of memory the Cowboys got away with six really bad ones and the Eagles had at least two. Referees need to be consistent and they weren't. The Eagles should have been called for a few pass interference penalties too.

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