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Eagles vs. Cowboys Final Score: Philadelphia beats the stuffing out of Dallas, 33-10

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday at AT&T Stadium, 33-10. The Eagles advanced to 9-3 on the 2014 NFL Season. Read on for a drive-by-drive recap of the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a home game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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Eagles win the toss and elect to receive. Before the toss, Eagles punter Donnie Jones shouted "Happy Thanksgiving, America."

Josh Huff is back to receive the opening kickoff but it goes for a touchback.

Eagles 1st drive: Touchdown (7-0, Eagles)

Two big runs to kick off Philadelphia's opening drive. First it's Darren Sproles, then it's LeSean McCoy. Eagles move into the red zone fast. Mark Sanchez targets Jordan Matthews in the end zone but they can't connect. A Riley Cooper catch puts the Eagles close to the goal-line. Then it's Sanchez with the keeper on the read-option for a rushing touchdown (!). Great start for Philadelphia. 80 yards in 9 plays.

Cowboys 1st drive: Punt

Dallas up for the first time on offense. Cary Williams breaks up a pass. Cowboys get a generous spot after a catch on third down. Some early home cooking? Maybe not. Bradley Fletcher gets away with a fistful of Dez Bryant's jersey on third down. Make-up call, perhaps. Dallas has to punt.

Eagles 2nd drive: Touchdown (14-0, Eagles)

Philly's second drive starts off fast. First it's McCoy with a big run, then it's a pass to Matthews. Maclin makes a catch to put him over 1,000 yards on the season. First time in his career. Then it's back to Matthews who catches and runs in for a score. Dallas defense looking like it has no answer for the Eagles offense.

Cowboys 2nd drive: (Continued)

Weird thing to watch: both of Cody Parkey's kickoffs were way short of the end zone.

Fletcher beaten on a screen by Cole Beasley on third down. Fletcher beaten by Bryant deep down the field. Good throw by Romo. Dallas moves deep into the red zone.


Cowboys 2nd drive: Touchdown (14-7, Eagles)

Encroachment penalty on Cedric Thornton sets up an easy touchdown run for Murray.

Eagles 3rd drive: Field goal (17-7, Eagles)

Sanchez fumbles after a bad block from Andrew Gardner but the offensive lineman recovers. Then it's a big catch and run from Jeremy Maclin on 2nd and 20. Eagles in scoring territory. Sanchez misses some open receivers on first down and then Zach Ertz drops a pass in the end zone on third. A Cowboys defender was close in coverage, but the ball was in Ertz's hands. Cody Parkey's 31-yard kick is good. Missed opportunities for the Birds there.

Cowboys 3rd drive: Punt

Mychal Kendricks makes a fantastic solo tackle on Murray in the open field. Trent Cole may have been held on the play, but no call. Philadelphia gets a stop anyway.

Eagles 4th drive: Punt

McCoy tackled for a big loss on first down. Three-and-out.

Cowboys 4th drive: Punt

Philadelphia's punt is down inside the Dallas 5-yard line after Barry Church runs into Cowboys returner Dwanye Harris. Very fortunate for the Cowboys to have not touched that ball. Good play by Josh Huff to down the bouncing ball.

Dallas gains some yards on the ground before being facing third down. Second-year center Travis Frederick makes a big mistake by snapping the ball too early, and Romo falls on the ball to take the sack. Really bad play for Dallas there. Vinny Curry gets credited with the sack on the play.

Eagles 5th drive: Field goal (20-7, Eagles)

Sanchez finds Sproles on 3rd-and-5 to convert on the first set of downs. Then it's Maclin for a first. Orlando Scandrick gets called for an illegal hands to the face penalty on Cooper and it's another first down. Sanchez overthrows Celek and then misses Ertz, but the latter was illegally held. Another first down. Eagles reach first and goal. McCoy is stuffed on the ground and Dallas burns their timeouts. Sanchez's pass for Cooper on a fade on third down is knocked away by a Dallas defender. Eagles have to settle for a kick.

Cowboys 5th drive: Fumble

Romo connects with Beasley with Boykin trailing in coverage. Boykin gets his hands in on the ball and it's out! Wow, what a play by Boykin. Nate Allen recovers the ball and runs it back to put the Eagles offense in the red zone.

Eagles 6th drive: Field goal (23-7, Eagles)

Eagles can't get anything going. More red zone struggles for Philadelphia. Parkey nails a short kick.

Cowboys 6th drive: Time expires

Dallas takes a knee to end the first half.


Dallas gets the ball to start the second half. Still a two-possession game.

Cowboys 7th drive: Punt

Cowboys come out of the half doing what they do best: running the football. Unfortunately for Dallas, Philadelphia is good at stopping the run. Fletcher Cox stops Lance Dunbar on a toss play on third down and then gets up to wave his finger in celebration. Reminder: Cox is only 23.

Eagles 7th drive: Fumble

McCoy fumbles after landing on top of Lane Johnson. Bad, bad turnover there for Philadelphia. Cowboys recover the fortunate ball.

Cowboys 8th drive: Field goal (23-10, Eagles)

Cowboys take over in the red zone. Cox explodes into the back field to stop Murray and then Romo is sacked on third down by... Casey Matthews. Romo goes down really easy on the play. It's clear he doesn't want to get hit at all due to that back injury. Dan Bailey's short field goal is good. Big stop by the Eagles defense there.

Eagles 8th drive: Touchdown (30-10, Eagles)

Eagles driving. Sanchez runs for a first down and then draws a Dallas penalty for roughing the passer. McCoy breaks a 38-yard run through the Dallas defense into the end zone. There-possession game. Great blocking by Philadelphia on the play, especially by Lane Johnson and Andrew Gardner.

Cowboys 9th drive: Interception

Cowboys have to pass to catch up. Romo sacked by Brandon Graham. Allen intercepts a Romo pass intended for Bryant but Cary Williams gets called for defensive holding on the play. Awful throw by Romo on the play, but he gets bailed out. Cox sacks Romo but then Bryant makes a fantastic catch over Nolan Carroll II to convert. Romo throws to Terrance Williams on 3rd-and-15 but it's off target and Williams picks it off.

Eagles 9th drive: (Continued below)

Eagles looking to run some clock with hand-offs to McCoy and Chris Polk.


Eagles 9th drive: Field goal (33-10, Eagles)

Sanchez takes off on a read-option keeper and pump fakes while being seven yards down the field. Brilliant. McCoy runs and fumbles, Dallas recovers. McCoy was clearly down on the play, however, and the Eagles keep the ball after review. The butt non-fumble, if you will. Sanchez beams Cooper on a third down pass but the wide receiver wasn't even ready for it. Eagles have to kick. Parkey's try is good.

Cowboys 10th drive: Turnover on downs

Mychal Kendricks tackles Murray in the back field on fourth down.

Eagles 10th drive: Punt

Eagles run a little clock before having to punt.

Cowboys 11th drive: Punt

Cowboys start deep in their own territory and don't get anywhere. Cowboys punt, for some reason. That's a white flag if I've ever seen one.

Eagles 11th drive: Punt

Eagles run some clock again and come up short on third down. Philadelphia challenges, but to no success.

Carroll II is drilled by Harris on the punt return and called for unnecessary roughness.  Frustration penalty there. Talk about a sore loser.

Cowboys 12th drive: Interception

Garbage time. Romo throws a deep pass and it's easily picked off by Nate Allen. That's Allen second turnover of the game.

Eagles 12th drive: Clock expires

More clock killing. Polk runs to move the chains. Rookie wide receiver Josh Huff, who used to be a running back, takes a carry. Victory formation to close the game.


The Eagles are now 9-3 on the 2014 NFL season. BIG win.

Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Cowboys post-game coverage.

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