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What would you get Chip Kelly for his birthday?

Happy birthday, Chip.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Today is Chip Kelly's 51st birthday. The Philadelphia Eagles head coach was born on this day back in 1963 in Dover, New Hampshire. So... what did you get him?

Last year we took a stab at coming up with gift ideas. Those presents ranged from a Vitamix 5200 (for post-practice smoothies, of course) to a franchise quarterback. The jury is still out on that second gift so it's probably time to suggest some new ideas.

But instead of me coming with all of the ideas, I'm putting this on you this year to help me out. What would you buy Chip Kelly for his birthday? Answers can be serious or made up. Have fun with it.

I'll take the liberty of providing the easy answer: a win over the Dallas Cowboys this week. Your answers will have to be a little more creative.

Leave your replies in the comments. I'll add the best responses to the list in this post.

Chip Kelly birthday gift list:

• A win over the Cowboys

• Marcus Mariota


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