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Eagles-Cowboys Hype Video: Philadelphia is ready to show the world how hungry they are

"We want Dallas!"

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The Philadelphia Eagles have released a pump-up video in preparation of their NFL Week 13 game against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving. As most of their dramatic pump-up videos have been this season, it's pretty well done. Watch the video above this post to see what I mean. (Video via the team's Vimeo page.) Philadelphia-native Bradley Cooper is back on the voice-over to get Eagles fans fired up about the big game.


This is more than a holiday… actually, this IS a holiday. This is a fall football feast-ival! A Mayflower matinee between our Birds, and those lasso tossing rodeo heads from Dallas. Hey, get your sweatpants ready, because it’s not Thanksgiving without turkey, and Turkey will be served.

Save me the wishbone, fellas. This year, there’s more than ever to be thankful for .

And it’s time to show the world how hungry we really are.


Philadelphia at Dallas kicks off on late Thursday afternoon at 4:25 PM EST. Both teams are currently 8-3 so the winner will take first place in the NFC East. It's a big game featured on national television that will take place on one of biggest holidays of the year.

Only a couple more days to go.

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