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Eagles vs. Titans 2014: Game Predictions

It's Eagles-Titans game day. Who are you taking to win?

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Eagles-Titans game day is finally here. Was that a long week or what? The combination of Philadelphia being crushed by the Green Bay Packers last week and a boring Tennessee squad coming to town have made for a lowly-anticipated match-up. To make matters even worse, Philadelphia's first battle against the Dallas Cowboys is only just days away. This Eagles-Titans contest just seems like it's a roadblock getting in the way.

Of course, that's not the kind of mindset the Birds can have on Sunday. They can't afford to overlook this game. It seems doubtful they will. This match-up doesn't have prime trap game conditions. It's not like the Eagles can be super overconfident heading into this one. They were just devastated last weekend. They should be eager to get back on track by taking advantage of a lesser team.

The Titans just don't have much to offer in terms of interest or intrigue. Tennessee is facing yet another lost season in the first year of Ken Whisenhunt's tenure. With not much left to play for, it's all about evaluating young talent for the Titans. Rookie quarterback Zach Metternberger and running back Bishop Sankey could be nice future pieces for the Titans, but right now they certainly don't move the needle in terms of interest level.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but this just seems like a game the Eagles should win comfortably. I don't expect this Titans team to pose a major threat. Philadelphia's home field advantage is very real. The Birds have won nine straight regular season games at home. They have outscored opponents 313-168 in that stretch for an average of 33.5-18.4 per game.

One thing of interest to watch during this game is Philadelphia's rushing attack. The Titans rank last in the league in run defense, according to Football Outsiders. The Eagles have struggled to run the ball effectively this season, especially compared to their massive success in 2013. LeSean McCoy could be in store for a big day. If that's the case, the pressure on Mark Sanchez is much less than it was in a game such as last week.

Speaking of less pressure, Tennessee's offense note that the Titans are averaging just 16.8 points per game and have scored 17 or fewer in seven of ten games this season (H/T @EaglesRewind). Philadelphia's defense has the potential to bounce back this week as well. The Eagles' second ranked special teams unit also holds a distinct advantage over a Titans squad that ranks 19th.

If the Eagles win, they'll move to 8-3 with a very quick turnaround as they prepare to face the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. A loss for the Eagles would obviously be extremely concerning.

What do you think? Will the Eagles come out on top?


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Score prediction:
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My predictions:

Score prediction: Eagles 31, Titans 13
Bold prediction: LeSean McCoy scores three combined touchdowns

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