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The Linc - Eagles need to use Darren Sproles and Zach Ertz more often

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/22/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

How to win free Eagles free tickets and other prizes - BGN
An update on some BGN contests and campaigns.

Who will make it out of the NFC East alive? - SB Nation
Football Outsiders' Playoff Odds has Philly at 61.0 percent to win the NFC East and Dallas at 38.9 percent. Overall, FO has the Eagles with a 73.4 percent chance to make the playoffs and the Cowboys at 63.9 percent. Their numbers are based on 50,000 simulations using their proprietary DVOA metric, which has the Eagles as the eighth-ranked team in the NFL and Dallas 12th. Meanwhile, FiveThirtyEight's ELO metric has the Eagles' chances to win the East at 58 percent and their odds to make the playoffs at 71 percent. The Cowboys are at 42 percent to win the division and 82 percent to make the playoffs.

Wulf's Den: Fumbling With The Carmichaels -
Plenty of chances to win! Check it out.

Trusting Chip - Iggles Blitz
Chip has definitive reasons behind just about everything he does. There is a plan. There is a method. Success isn’t an accident. So when fans start to grumble about something…Chip can’t beat good teams or Chip doesn’t know how to draft or Chip can’t handle star players…a lot of times I mention that I trust Chip.

Eagles rookies don't measure up - Daily News
Roseman, who has been rightly praised for the Eagles' excellent 2012-13 drafts that produced a slew of starters and key role players such as defensive linemen Fletcher Cox, Bennie Logan and Vinny Curry, and linebacker Mychal Kendricks and quarterback Nick Foles and offensive tackle Lane Johnson and tight end Zach Ertz and cornerback Brandon Boykin, warned us in May that this draft probably wouldn't produce many immediate-impact players, and he was right.

The Matchup: Eagles Vs. Titans - Birds 24/7
LeSean McCoy has carried 35 times for 107 yards (3.1 YPC) in the past two games. He's second in the NFL with 196 attempts, but is averaging just 3.7 YPC. Against the Packers, the Eagles got some run-friendly looks, but McCoy managed just 88 yards on 23 carries. He and several of his teammates said they felt like the run game was close to getting on track. "It's always lately just been something small here, something small there, almost, almost," McCoy said. "I feel like it's coming together. I feel like the only time we really get stopped is when we make mistakes - penalties, turnovers, missed assignments, small missed assignments. And that stuff, [you] get that snowball effect and it keeps coming and coming. So I feel like we're almost there. We've gotta learn from this last game, move on and look forward to Tennessee."

Chip Kelly Update: Welp - Fishduck
As you might suspect, doom and gloom has replaced Super Bowl talk among Eagles fans, but the team seems surprisingly resilient. Chip Kelly follows the rule of allowing yourself 24 hours after a game to gloat or beat yourself up; afterwards you have to forget it and move forward. (Don’t worry, the coaches will have noted the various mistakes and will practice on fixing them all week.)

Can Eagles get Ertz, Sproles involved more? - Inquirer
Eagles coach Chip Kelly was asked about Ertz and Sproles' playing less this week. His answer, in essence, was that the starters' performance did not justify fewer snaps.

Lunch Break: Titans game a trap? - CSN Philly
Dan Hershberg of Philly Phaithful previews the Eagles-Titans game and more.

Your favorite NFL players are dull because they have to be - SB Nation
Would you rather have a sometimes-controversial player who's fun to watch or a robot who says all the right things after a game?

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