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Eagles-Titans week has been boring and slow

Is it Sunday yet?

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The build-up to this week's game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Tennessee Titans has been really boring and slow. I can't think of a less anticipated match-up in recent history. Perhaps worst of all, you're now finding yourself reading a boring article about how boring this week has been. Yikes.

But seriously, there just aren't a lot of interesting angles to this one. Any hype and/or optimism surrounding the Eagles was crushed when the team was obliterated by the Green Bay Packers last week. It was just a bad loss that really sucked the energy out of this season.

To make matters even worse, there's just nothing intriguing about Philadelphia's Week 12 opponent. No disrespect to the Titans, but they're just a boring and bad team. Tennessee isn't exactly a major market and there just aren't many prolific players to be found on their roster. Hat tip to Jimmy Kempski:

Now, there's always the trap game angle, and that's one that's been discussed. But I really don't think this is a trap game for the Eagles. Philadelphia knows they have some big games ahead against the Dallas Cowboys, sure, but they're coming off a huge loss to the Packers. I find it hard to believe they're going to take this game for granted after a performance like that. Not to mention that the Eagles are at home, where they've been great all season.

If you want a real example of a trap game, look no further than the Kansas City Chiefs being defeated by the Oakland Raiders. The Chiefs were riding on a win-streak and the Raiders were at home in their only prime-time game of the season. Oakland was pumped to face a division rival.

The Eagles-Titans game just doesn't compare. The teams play in different conferences and it's a 1:00 PM game in Philadelphia. Those are hardly upset conditions.

I guess the dull week heading into this game shouldn't be a surprise. This was a game that immediately made my scratch my head when I first saw the Eagles 2014 schedule. Look what I wrote at the time, when I ranked the Eagles-Titans game as the worst (in terms of intrigue) on Philadelphia's schedule:

This game feels kind of random. I don't see much intrigue here. I guess it could pose as a trap game given it is sandwiched between the Packers at Lambeau and the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

And here are some other examples:

This is the most random game on the schedule. I have no feel for this one at all, so I'll just say it's a loss for now.

This is the game that I'm convinced will be a trap game for Philadelphia. Just look at the game before this one (Packers) and the game after (Cowboys on Thanksgiving). I don't see any real angle to this game worth discussing. The Titans will probably be bad and the Eagles are at home so Philly should win this one easy. But it's never that easy and this one just feels weird.

So... maybe this is a trap game after all?!

Eh, I doubt it. I was probably just trying to make sense of a game that didn't really make sense to me at the time.

In any event, this slow period won't last for long. The Eagles schedule picks up very shortly with two games against the Dallas Cowboys in a span of just 17 days. The first of those match-ups take place in less than a week from today.

But until then... it's taking forever for Sunday to get here.

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