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Join the Bleeding Green Nation Fanduel league for Week 12

Play fantasy football with us!

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The Bleeding Green Nation Fanduel league is back this week after a very successful debut in Week 11. The league maxed out at the 55 participant limit and the top 10 entrants won a combined $250. First place alone was worth $55. Not too bad. I was in the top 10 heading into Monday but fell all the way down to 18, so no winnings for me. Still, that was a lot better than I expected to do because I hadn't played fantasy all season. The moral of the story here? Everyone has a shot.

If you would like to join the BGN Fanduel league for this week, [click here]. There are cash winnings for the top players.

This week's game is $5 to enter. There are $250 in winnings.

Fanduel is fun because you get a salary cap and must fill out your team within your salary cap. It's also very easy to use and doesn't require a major time commitment.

Click it here if you want to play!

Let me know below in the comments if you're joining in.

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