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Could Bills vs. Jets be moved to Tuesday?

The Eagles disastrous loss to the Vikings in 2010 was the last Tuesday night game.

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The Bills-Jets matchup in Week 12 could be moved to a different location or day, due to dangerous weather in western New York. A snow storm has already produced five feet of snow and is expected to add another two or three feet before Sunday's game, according to the Washington Post. The record snowfall has the NFL contemplating a change to the game, as the weather has stopped the Bills from practicing all week and has even caused deaths in the area.

The replacement areas that are being considered are Toronto, Detroit and New Jersey, according to Pro Football Talk. All three choices make sense, as Toronto has served as Buffalo's second home for several seasons, Detroit's Ford Field is a dome and the Meadowlands would allow the league to maintain heavy attendance due to the close proximity to the fanbase. The league has until Friday to make a decision on a new venue.

The other option for the league is to move the game to Monday or Tuesday. This wouldn't be unprecedented, as Jets quarterback Michael Vick was part of the Eagles team that was forced to play the Vikings on a Tuesday night due to a blizzard in Philadelphia in 2010. The issue with a possible day switch at Ralph Wilson Stadium is that the snow may not be gone by then.

Rough weather is responsible for two of the most memorable Eagles games in recent history. The "Snow Bowl" game of last season is already the stuff of local legend, while the team's meltdown against the Vikings in 2010 in the aforementioned matchup was perhaps the most infamous loss of the Michael Vick era in Philadelphia. The loss took place on a Tuesday in Minnesota, as Joe Webb somehow managed to lead the Vikings to a victory. If you were wondering, this was the same Joe Webb that was converted to wide receiver halfway through his tenure in Minnesota. He is now the third-string quarterback on the Panthers team that the Eagles blew out just two weeks ago.

[UPDATE: 4:39 PM]

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