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Texans vs. Eagles Final Score: Philadelphia wins ugly in Houston, 31-21

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Houston Texans on Sunday, 31-21. The Eagles moved to 6-2 on the 2014 NFL Season. Read on for a drive-by-drive recap of the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a home game against the Carolina Panthers.

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Houston wins the coin toss, defers. Eagles will receive first. Josh Huff opens the game with a decent kickoff return.

Eagles 1st drive: Punt

Houston is generating a lot of pressure early. Nick Foles throws off of his back foot on third down and it's a three and out.

Texans 1st drive: Punt

A catch by former Eagles Damaris Johnson (!) gives Houston a first down. Houston goes for it on 4th-and-1 but Duane Brown commits a Juqua Parker-esque false start. The Texans have to punt.

Eagles 2nd drive: Touchdown (7-0, Eagles)

Great catch by Jeremy Maclin along the sideline on third down. Darren Sproles moves the chains next. Nick Foles connects again with Maclin but this time it's deep for a 59-yard touchdown. Great throw and great job by Maclin to beat his coverage. Play-action worked perfectly. That's Maclin third touchdown catch of 50+ yards this year.

Texans 2nd drive: Punt

Really great catch by DeAndre Hopkins to move the chains. Not sure Cary Williams could have done much there. Beau Allen and Brandon Bair both sack Ryan Fitzpatrick. Arian Foster picks up a first down on a 3rd-and-18 run. It looked like Foster was short of the marker but no challenge from Philadelphia. Mychal Kendricks records the second sack of the day.

Eagles 3rd drive: Interception returned for Houston touchdown (7-7, tie)

Foles has pressure in his face and throws off of his back foot. The ball was intended for Riley Cooper but was easily picked off and returned for a Texans score. No bueno. Bad protection, bad throw.

Eagles 4th drive: Punt

Foles is sacked multiple times on this drive. More bad blocking and more bad back-stepping from Foles. Foles suffers a shoulder injury after being sacked on third down.


Texans 3rd drive: Punt

Brandon Graham sacks Fitzpatrick and the Texans have to punt. Great play by Graham.

Eagles 5th drive: Touchdown (14-7, Eagles)

Mark Sanchez underthrows Maclin deep on his first play but Maclin makes the catch anyway for a 52-yard gain. Maclin gets penalized for taunting but the Eagles move into scoring territory. Sanchez delivers a beautifully placed ball to rookie wide receiver Jordan Matthews in the end-zone for a touchdown. Legitimately impressive throw.

Texans 4th drive: Punt

Brandon Boykin comes up with a great tackle on Damaris Johnson on third down to force the stop.

Eagles 6th drive: Interception

Huff picks up a first down despite catching the ball behind the marker. Good second effort there from the rookie wide out to move the chains. A few plays later, Huff has a pass go off his hands and Houston picks it off. Sanchez's pass may have been high but Huff needs to make that one. The Eagles turnover issues continue.

Texans 5th drive: Touchdown (14-14, tie)

Connor Barwin gets beat by Foster on a wheel route for a 56-yard touchdown. Eagles defense is proving capable against the run but still looks too vulnerable through the air. Philadelphia's turnovers are proving costly.

Eagles 7th drive: Field goal (17-14, Eagles)

Sanchez finds Matthews for a big first down. Keep in mind Matthews was easily the veteran's favorite during target during Eagles training camp. Sanchez throws to Ertz on third down and the Eagles face 4th-and-inches in field goal territory. Eagles go for it and get the first with a McCoy run. Sanchez gets sacked by Watt on third down and Cody Parkey is in for a 45-yard attempt. Parkey hits the kick but Bill O'Brien uses a timeout to ice Parkey. Doesn't matter. Parkey hits it again. Money. End of the first half.


Texans receive the ball to start the second half.

Texans 6th drive: Punt

Houston starts the second half with some successful runs. Bradley Fletcher breaks up a pass (!?) that was in Andre Johnson's hands down field. Barwin sacks Fitzpatrick on third down to force a Houston punt.

Eagles 8th drive: Punt

Sanchez immediately sacked by Watt but the play is wiped out by a defensive holding. Then it's the Eagles with an illegal shift. Kelce shows rust and sails some of his snaps. Sproles catches a pass behind the marker but runs after the catch for a big gain. Sproles moves the chain again on third down with a screen catch. Sanchez throws behind Matthews on third down and right to the Texans defender, but it's dropped. Two dropped picks for Sanchez on that drive. Not encouraging.

Todd Herremans leaves the game with the biceps injury that he's been dealing with.

Texans 7th drive: Missed field goal

Fitzpatrick finds a wide-open Hopkins on a crossing route for a huge gain. Just no one in coverage there. It looked like Fletcher may have been responsible. Houston moves just outside the red-zone and Philadelphia gets a stop. Looks like Cary Williams got away with contact on at least one play during that drive. Texans kicker Randy Bullock blows the 39-yard kick wide left, however, and it's the Eagles ball again.

Eagles 9th drive: Touchdown (24-14, Eagles)

Andrew Gardner, former Texans player, in for Herremans at right guard.

Two big runs for McCoy to start this drive. Then it's Chris Polk for 22 yards. Then it's Polk again for a 8-yard touchdown run. 4 plays, 4 runs, 70 yards, Eagles touchdown. Polk may have trouble staying healthy, but he's clearly talented.

Texans 8th drive: Punt

Foster limps off the field and spikes his helmet. Not a good sign for Houston. Three and out after Fitzpatrick avoids a sack and throws to Johnson along the sideline. Johnson could only get one foot down.

Eagles 10th drive: Interception

Sanchez is picked off on third down after he forces a pass to Cooper. Cooper wasn't even looking for the ball on the play, so... not good. Just way too many turnovers.


Texans 9th drive: Interception, Philadelphia fumbles, Houston recovers

Fitzpatrick makes a terrible decision to loft a ball into coverage as he's falling backwards and it's easily picked off by DeMeco Ryans. Then Ryans fumbles it after securing possession for a Texans recovery. Just incredibly frustrating for Philadelphia. To make matters even worse, Ryans is hurt on the play.

Texans 10th drive: Touchdown (24-21, Eagles)

Fizpatrick finds a wide open Hopkins in the end-zone for a touchdown. Earl Wolff was beaten in coverage on the play. 21 points for Houston off of Philadelphia turnovers.

Eagles 11th drive: Touchdown (31-21, Eagles)

Sproles drops a catch on third down but Houston commits an illegal hands to the face penalty. Maclin picks up a big gain on a screen play thanks to great blocking from Jason Kelce. Runs by McCoy and Polk help Philadelphia move the chains. Huff powers through a tackle for a first down as the Eagles set up in the red-zone. Eagles face 4th-and-short after a Celek catch is short of the marker. Similar to last week against Arizona. Eagles go for it. Polk runs and it's VERY close, but it's ruled a first due to Polk's forward progress. Play is challenged, but ruling stands. Lane Johnson false start. Sanchez rolls out and finds Maclin in the corner of the end-zone for an Eagles score. Clutch. Two possession lead for Philadelphia.

Texans 11th drive: Turnover on downs

3:41 left and Houston with only one timeout remaining. Fitzpatrick picks up some yards on the ground. 4th-and-5. Barwin bats down Fizpatrick's pass to force the turnover on downs with 2:17 remaining.

Eagles 12th drive: Time expires

Time to kill some clock. Polk moves the chains and the Eagles run out the clock with the victory formation.


The Eagles are now 6-2 on the 2014 NFL season. Not a pretty win by any means, but Philadelphia will take it.

Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Texans post-game coverage.

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