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The Linc - How the Eagles can win a Super Bowl with Mark Sanchez

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/18/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

SB Nation joins It’s On Us campaign to combat sexual assault - Vox Media
If you're curious as to why the BGN logo (temporarily) changed, here's why.

Farewell, -
BGN alumnus JimmyK is leaving to join the newly formed PhillyVoice.

Group Failure - Iggles Blitz
Don’t blame Bradley Fletcher. Or Mark Sanchez. Blame the Philadelphia Eagles. Sunday’s blowout loss was not on one player or even a few guys. That was a total team breakdown. The Eagles were outplayed on offense, defense and STs. When the bright spot for the game is that no one died, I think that gives you an idea just what an ugly day it was.

Eagle Eye: Packers Review -
Whether or not the Eagles lost this game like they did against Arizona or San Francisco or the tough fashion that we all witnessed on Sunday against Green Bay, a loss is a loss. The point is that you have to move on, prepare for the next opponent and try to win the next one as the final stage of the regular season comes into focus. When the playoffs start, no one remembers how you won a game in Week 3 or lost a game in Week 10, so you have to learn from your mistakes and move on to the next week. Everyone inside the NovaCare Complex shares that sentiment.

Zone Read: Eagles-Packers, the Day After - Birds 24/7
THE NUMBER THAT MATTERS: 1 That's how many times the Eagles hit Rodgers on 38 dropbacks. The game plan was to disrupt the timing of the Packers' offense by pressing their receivers at the line of scrimmage. In theory, that was supposed to allow time for the pass rush to get home. It's a plan that worked effectively against Eli Manning and the Giants. But Manning is not Rodgers, and it failed miserably vs. Green Bay.

Why Billy Davis Deserves Some Blame and Secondary Analysis vs Packers - EaglesPostGame
Defensive Coordinator Billy Davis has put together a great defensive scheme the whole season as we have highlighted in the past but against the Packers he deserves some of the blame.  Billy Davis chose to put the defense in a single high safety look most of the first half (image 1) with bringing a safety down in the box to support the run on Eddie Lacy. This puts 8 defenders in the box (image 2) to stop the run which leaves the Eagles cornerbacks in man to man coverage on the outside if the Packers throw the ball.

Can Eagles rebound? They've done it before - CSN Philly
They’ve been pretty good at this. So far this year, 2-0 in games following losses, 5-1 in their last six. Chip Kelly’s message to his team after giving up the third-most points in franchise history Sunday in Green Bay is a simple one: Move on.

Now Chip Kelly has to pick up the pieces - Daily News
That Chip Kelly will earn his money this week goes without saying. It is just different than usual. In two seasons, we have seen him create a new culture and we have seen him scheme with the best of them. But we have never seen him have to look a good team in the eye and convince the players that they are, indeed, still good. This week, that is Kelly's job. As he said after the debris stopped raining down, "I told them we've got to stick together. Win or lose, rain or shine, we're a team."

Thursday Night Football Has Been Awful This Year, But So Has Sunday Night Football | FiveThirtyEight
Paradoxically, the 2014 NFL season has been full of parity — implying a number of closely matched teams — but also full of noncompetitive games in primetime, when you’d expect the league to showcase its most compelling matchups. As a matter of fact, it’s probably been the NFL’s least exciting primetime season of the past eight years (if not more).

Fallback History: How to Win a Super Bowl Without Your Starting Quarterback - Grantland
Teams that won a Super Bowl without their original starting quarterback can generally be divided into two camps: those that won because of their new quarterback and those that won because the team was so good it didn’t really matter who was playing quarterback. The first group — it’s a pretty small one.

2015 NFL mock draft: Jameis Winston takes New York - SB Nation
28. Philadelphia Eagles: Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB, Oregon
This may seem gimmicky because it's an Oregon player, but it fills a hole where the Eagles need talent. Ekpre-Olomu happens to be the best player at his position. He's had some rocky moments, but he's been a great player in the past who will be physical with receivers.

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