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Titans vs. Steelers: ESPN Monday Night Football Game Time

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Monday Night Football, Week 11, 2014.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN Monday Night Football is here to wrap up Week 11 of the 2014 NFL season. The Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4) are in Nashville, Tennesssee to face the Titans (2-7). It's lop-sided match-up between two AFC teams.

Philadelphia Eagles fans don't have much of a rooting interest in this game but Birds fans can get an early look at the team's Week 12 opponent: the Titans. The Eagles are scheduled to play at home this week against Tennessee with game time starting at 1:00 PM EST on Sunday, November 23. Philadelphia will be eager to get back on track with a win after suffering a crushing defeat to the Green Bay Packers just yesterday.

Here is all the information you need to know for tonight's game.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans

Game time: 8:30 PM EST
TV schedule: ESPN
Announcers: Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden


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