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Josh Huff Blames Coaches For Packers' Big Punt Return

The hits for Huff keep on coming...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier, we told you about how a former Eagles WR may have possibly said some negative things about his current teammates, depending on how you interpret his strange and often unintelligible social media postings...

Now... let's talk about a current Eagles WR who seems to have just blasted his coaches using words we can all easily understand.

Rookie Josh Huff, whose lowlights reel grows by the week, regularly works as a gunner on the Eagles punt coverage team. You might remember this particular highlight from Sunday where he basically ran right by the return man before the punt even arrived. In the video, Huff is the gunner at the top of the screen. The failure of either gunner to affect the play at all gave Packers' return man Micah Hyde all the headstart he needed to return the punt 75 yards for a TD.

Now, without context that highlight makes Huff look pretty bad... So let's turn to the rookie to give us some needed context and explain why it wasn't his fault.

"I just did my job, did what the coaches told me to do," Huff said. "If I would have stuck to what I know, I would have made that play.

"If I would have stuck to what I know, just played my game of football, I would have made that play.

"That's all I can tell you without going into ... without trying to get in trouble."

Hey Josh.. Too late. You just got yourself in trouble.

So according to Huff, Eagles special teams coordinator Dave Fipp must have instructed him to overrun the punt? If so, I certainly agree that Huff would have been better off trusting his instincts and just going ahead and tackling the guy.

That said, I'm going to go out on a bit of limb here and guess Dave Fipp probably didn't instruct him to do that. Given how good the Eagles special teams have been all year, I'm also going to guess that the scheme here was not the issue. Chip Kelly seemed to agree.

"I think we had a shot with the gunner to make a tackle," head coach Chip Kelly said. "I didn't see the two guys on the left side. I don't know what happened at the line of scrimmage, but we weren't in our lanes where we needed to be."

It's been a pretty rough rookie season so far for the 3rd round pick Huff, who struggled with a shoulder injury at the start of the year and has been responsible for a few high profile gaffes including a killer red zone fumble against Arizona and letting a pass go off his hands and into those of a Texans' defender 2 weeks ago. These struggles come as the rest of the rookie WR class, including some taken after him, is having almost unprecedented success and could go down as one of the best ever.

The frustration is clearly starting to bubble over for Huff as this public shot at his coaches is in stark contrast to the mature and conciliatory tone he struck after his nightmare game against Arizona.

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