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NFL Playoff Picture: Eagles still hold first place in the NFC East

There's good news and bad news regarding the Eagles playoff hopes.

Evan Habeeb

With eleven weeks in the books, there are only six more weeks left in the 17 week NFL season. That means it's time to start looking ahead to how the NFL playoffs are shaping up. Since the Philadelphia Eagles play in the NFC, that will be the focus here.

The Eagles' post-season chances obviously took a hit on Sunday with a blowout loss to the Green Bay Packers. Philadelphia's loss dropped their record in NFC games to 4-3. The loss also gives Green Bay a head-to-head tiebreaker over the Eagles in the standings. The San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals also own head-to-head tiebreakers over Philadelphia. It's not the most ideal situation for the Birds.

With that said, their playoff hopes are hardly over. Here's how the NFC standings shape up if the 2015 NFL playoffs were to begin today, via ESPN. The top six teams are projected to be in while there are still a few teams alive on the bubble.

As you can see, the Eagles still rank third in the conference. They are currently scheduled to face the Dallas Cowboys in Philadelphia in the first round of the NFL playoffs.

The Eagles rank first in the NFC East due to a tiebreaker over the Cowboys. The Eagles are 2-0 in division games while the Cowboys are only 1-1. Dallas, who enjoyed their bye this week, is set to return to action in Week 11 on the road against the New York Giants (3-7). It would greatly benefit the Eagles if the Cowboys lost that game because Dallas would drop to 7-4 with a 1-2 division record and a 4-4 record in NFC games. Then again, the G-Men have looked bad so it's hard to count on. In any case, the Eagles will look to capitalize with a win at home over a lowly Titans team in order to advance to 8-3.

But no matter how Week 11 plays out, the Week 12 game between the Eagles and Cowboys in Dallas on Thanksgiving is shaping up to be a big one. Then the two rivals will meet up again in Philadelphia on December 14 after the Birds play the Seahawks on December 7. The Eagles absolutely need to take care against Dallas in order to secure their NFC East title.

A long story short, the Eagles are still in fairly good position despite the loss to Green Bay. Philadelphia is very much alive in the playoff hunt but they'll need a strong finish down the stretch, especially in those Dallas games, in order to keep their post-season hopes alive.

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