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Eagles vs. Packers Final Score: Philadelphia gets blown out by Green Bay, 53-20

The Philadelphia Eagles were defeated by the Green Bay Packers on Sunday at Lambeau Field, 53-20. The Eagles fell to 7-3 on the 2014 NFL Season. Read on for a drive-by-drive recap of the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a home game against the Tennessee Titans.

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Eagles lose the coin toss, Green Bay elects to receive first.

Packers 1st drive: Field goal (3-0, Packers)

Packers dink and dunk before Aaron Rodgers hits Jordy Nelson deep along the sideline. Bradley Fletcher trailing in coverage. Did anyone not see that coming? Rodgers hits Nelson again in the end zone on third down but the Packers wide receiver bobbles the ball. Important red zone stop for Philadelphia. Mason Crosby kicks a short field goal to put Green Bay on the board first.

Eagles 1st drive: Punt

Chris Polk, not Josh Huff, handles the kick return.

Eagles first offensive play is a Riley Cooper catch for a first down. Then Mark Sanchez connects with Jeremy Maclin for 20 yards. Matt Tobin gets bead bad by a Packers defensive lineman and Sanchez is sacked. Really bad block there. Missed call on a helmet-to-helmet to Sanchez, too? Eagles get stopped on third down. Sanchez gets his arm looked at on the sideline.

Packers 2nd drive: Touchdown (10-0, Packers)

Eddie Lacy is swallowed by Fletcher Cox but Rodgers moves the ball through the air on third down. Not much of a pass rush going. High snap goes over Rodgers' head and the Packers lose 14 yards after recovering. Connor Barwin downs him so that's his 11.5th sack of the season. Trent Cole jumps offsides on 3rd and 23 to give the Packers 3rd and 18. Packers convert. And then again. Just no pressure from Philadelphia.

Brandon Boykin goes down but walks off the field on his own power.

Rodgers connect with Davante Adams on a quick slant for a Packers score.

Eagles 2nd drive: Green Bay punt return for touchdown (17-0, Packers)

Polk fumbles on the kickoff but Brad Smith recovers and advances it.

Eagles holding penalty sets them back to second and long. Penalty is declined, and then Sanchez is sacked on third down. Sanchez hit in the head helmet-to-helmet again... no call. Looks like Sanchez had Jordan Matthews open for a first but had pressure in his face.

Micah Hyde receives Donnie Jones' punt and takes it 75 yards to the house. Yikes. Not a good moment for an Eagles speical teams unit that has been so good this season. Looks like Josh Huff took a bad angle on the coverage. Note that Brandon Boykin, starting gunner, was not on the field.

Eagles 3rd drive: (continued)

Boykin now cleared to return.

Eagles driving. Sanchez hits Darren Sproles for a big gain. Then he finds LeSean McCoy running wide open with a beautiful leading pass. McCoy gets tripped up by the terrible Lambeau surface after juking a defender.


Eagles 3rd drive: Field goal (17-3, Packers)

Sanchez is sacked by Clay Matthews III on a naked bootleg that faked out out no one on 3rd-and-2. Looked like Brent Celek was open on the play.  Eagles have to settle for a red zone field goal. Cody Parkey's 33-yard attempt puts Philly on the board.

Packers 3rd drive: Touchdown (24-3, Packers)

Still no pressure from Philadelphia's pass rush and Rodgers is working the Eagles defense. Nelson beats Fletcher easily in coverage and it's another Packers touchdown. The Eagles secondary just can't hold up if there's no rush.

Eagles 4th drive: Punt

Eagles start this drive by pounding it on the ground. Sanchez throws to Matthews deep on 3rd-and-6 but the pass is just a little too far in front of the rookie receivers hands. It's a drop, though, because Matthews probably could have made it. Just that kind of day for the Eagles.

Packers 4th drive: Touchdown (30-3, Packers)

Rodgers gets sacked by Vinny Curry and fumbles but it's recovered. Bradley Fletcher whiffs while trying to make a tackle on Randall Cobb and the Packers convert. Then it's Rodgers with a big run. Green Bay just can't be stopped. Time after time, the Packers convert on third down. Packers punch it in for the score with an Eddie Lacy run. Connor Barwin was held on the play and was upset with the no call, but it really didn't matter anyway.

Green Bay fumbles the PAT snap and the conversion is no good.

Eagles 5th drive: Field goal (30-6, Packers)

Sanchez finds Matthews to put Philadelphia in the red zone. Even in a blowout, the Sanchez-Matthews connection is very much alive. Sanchez was hit late on the play, but, yet again, no flag. Eagles offense can't get anything going in the red zone after bad protection forces Sanchez to get rid of the ball on two plays. Philly settles for a Parkey field goal to cut the lead down to three scores.

Needless to say, ugly first half for the Birds.


Eagles ball to start the second half.

Eagles 6th drive: Fumble

Jeremy Maclin makes a catch for a nice gain on third down. Then LeSean McCoy fumbles on a handoff from Sanchez and the Packers recover with ease. It's that kind of game. Killer ending to a promising drive.

Packers 5th drive: Punt

Rodgers gets called for intentional grounding and the Packers get stopped on 3rd-and-22. No, not a typo: the Packers actually have to punt. First time all day.

Eagles 7th drive: Punt

Some overthrows from Sanchez and the Eagles have to punt.

Packers 6th drive: Field goal (33-6, Packers)

Bad spot on third down extends a Green Bay drive. Packers move into scoring territory but settle for a field goal. Crosby's kick makes it a four possession game.

Eagles 8th drive: Interception returned for Green Bay touchdown (39-6, Packers)

Huff drops a pass on first down. Just too many struggles from him. Sanchez is picked off by Julius Peppers, who returns it for a touchdown. Just a bad decision. Matthews tries to strip Peppers but fails. Packers miss the PAT because it's blocked. That's the second failed PAT by GB. So... the Eagles have that going for them.

Eagles 9th drive: Touchdown (39-13, Packers)

Sanchez overthrows Cooper deep for what likely would have been a touchdown. Then Sanchez overthrows Sproles on 3rd-and-4. Eagles go for it on fourth down and convert. Sanchez connects with Matthews on a pass short of the end zone but Matthews fights through contact and runs it in. Impressive play in a lost game.

Packers 7th drive: (continued)

Green Bay driving.


Packers 7th drive: Touchdown (46-13, Packers)

The Eagles can't bring down Eddie Lacy as he runs through their defense. Beastly run from Lacy, but terrible tackling from Philadelphia. Vinny Curry had Lacy and just let go.

Eagles 10th drive: Interception

Sanchez targets Maclin along the sideline. Maclin slips due to the terrible playing surface and it's an easy pick for Green Bay.

Packers 8th drive: Missed field goal

Three and out. Crosby's kick from 50 yards out is no good.

Eagles 11th drive: Fumble recovered for Packers touchdown (53-13, Packers)

Jason Kelce snaps a ball high and Sanchez can't recover. Packers easily recover and run it back for a score. High snaps have been an issue for Kelce since returning from injury. He has to get that figured out.

Eagles 12th drive: Touchdown (53-20, Packers)

Eagles garbage time drive. Sanchez connects with Maclin for the score.

Packers 9th drive: Punt blocked

Rodgers out. Green Bay's backup quarterback, Matt Flynn, comes in. Officials call a holding on the Packers with five minutes left in the game. OK, now they're just rubbing it in Philadelphia's face.

Bryan Braman blocks the punt and Malcolm Jenkins recovers. So, the Eagles special teams unit is still good after all.

Eagles 13th drive: Turnover on downs

Eagles take over in good position. Two Polk runs fail and then Brad Smith drops a pass on third down. Because of course. Polk's run on fourth down is stopped at the line of scrimmage.

Eagles 10th drive: Clock expires

Victory formation for Green Bay.


The Eagles are now 7-3 on the 2014 NFL season.

Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Packers post-game coverage.

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