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Green Bay Packers to wear throwback uniforms against Eagles

Just a heads up.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

While it took more than half the season for the Philadelphia Eagles new Nike midnight green jerseys to be revealed on Monday night (and the uniform/helmet don't even match!), the team will return to the road white uniform this week as they square off against the Packers in Green Bay. It won't be the Eagles' jersey that are of interest this time around, then.

Instead, all eyes will be on those... interesting throwback uniforms that the Packers are set to wear. As seen in the picture above this post, they're a big deviant from the normal Packers home green uniforms with yellow pants. These jerseys are a replica of the team's uniform from 1929, which is the year the Packers won their first championship. The Packers used to be able to wear a brown helmet (to simulate the leather cap) with this combination but due to new NFL helmet restrictions, they now just wear the yellow helmet with the logos removed.

So, no need to adjust your television set when you're watching the game this weekend. It's just the Packers' weird blue alternate.

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