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Mark Sanchez celebrates Eagles win by eating Philadelphia cheesesteaks

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Because of course.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't take long, but Mark Sanchez is already winning the hearts and minds of Philadelphia. As if the veteran quarterback's strong performance during the Eagles' 45-21 win over the Carolina Panthers wasn't enough, Sanchez celebrated the victory with a pair of post-game Philly cheesesteaks. Watch the video here, via Katherine Scott of 6 ABC.

It turns out that Sanchez hadn't even eaten a Philly cheesesteak since signing with the team in March. Prior to Monday's game, Sanchez made a promise that he would go to Pat's and Geno's if the Eagles won. He clearly lived up to his word.

Definitely give the video a watch. I especially like how there's no hesitation from Sanchez when a Philadelphia fan offers him some of his food.

"Mark, I want you to have my cheesefries!"

"Alriiiiiiiiight! Thanks, brother."

While it's hard not to be impressed with what Sanchez has accomplished so far, the once-maligned quarterback still has a lot to prove considering the Eagles have some tough games coming up on their schedule. For now, though, Eagles fans can enjoy Sanchez's greasy baptism into the Philadelphia culture.