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The Linc - Jason Kelce is ahead of schedule to return from injury

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/8/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Center Of Attention: Kelce Says He’s ‘Ahead Of Schedule’ - CBS
"I’m ahead of schedule," Kelce said. "We’ll see how everything goes. We haven’t changed the target date yet, but it’s going really well so far."

Word on the Birds: Huge game vs. Giants -
On this week's episode of Word on the Birds,'s Jimmy Kempski & Dave Spadaro of preview Eagles-Giants and discuss whether Darren Sproles should get more carries.

Attack Mode - Iggles Blitz
When the Eagles were up 34-14 on the Rams on Sunday, many people wanted the Eagles to start running out the clock. Chip Kelly wanted more points. The 4th quarter was just beginning. In Kelly’s mind, this wasn’t the time to sit on the lead. This was time to keep attacking and grow the lead. The Eagles drove down into scoring territory, but a fumble by Nick Foles killed the drive and gave the Rams a chance to cut even more into the lead. Some of you will think Kelly was being careless or dumb with his mindset. I don’t. The offense was working the clock a bit. They weren’t going at hyper-speed. Nick Foles snapped the ball with 12 seconds left on the clock. That was a middle ground between when the Eagles like to snap it and a team trying to maximize the clock.

Dissecting the Issues in the Ground Game - ChipWagon
5 games in and by the far the most troubling thing concerning the 2014 Eagles is the complete collapse of their top rushing attack from 2013. Lesean McCoy headed into the 2014 season in the self-proclaimed best shape of his life primed to cement himself and the NFL's top back title over Adrian Peterson with his eyes on a 2,000 yard campaign. 5 games in and McCoy has amassed 273 yards rushing for a horrific 2.9 ypc. So what's going on with the running game and who is to blame or credit?

Game Review: Eagles Defense Vs. Rams - Birds 24/7
Brandon Graham - He was their best defensive player. Graham finished with three tackles, four hurries and a forced fumble. He bowled over the RB and affected Davis’ throw on an incompletion in the first. Good pressure on an incompletion in the third. Pressured Davis into a scramble in the third. On a third down, he rushed the A-Gap, took on the RB and hit Davis’ arm as he threw. Great move against Jake Long in the fourth, forcing Davis to step up. Another excellent rush against the right tackle in the fourth, but Davis dumped it off. Good job setting the edge on Watts’ 2-yard run in the first. On the very next play, dropped in coverage, ran to the ball and tackled Stacy for a 2-yard loss on a completion. Nice job punching the ball out of Stacy’s hands in the third. The only hiccup was in coverage against the TE in the first. Graham had pretty good coverage, but couldn't find the ball on a 22-yard completion. Overall, he was just very difficult for the Rams to block. Graham played 35 percent of the snaps. That number needs to go up. He's the Eagles' best pass-rusher.

LeSean McCoy: The Worst Running Back in the NFL - numberFire
McCoy's uniformly still very much an obvious buy-low candidate, but for the purposes of Week 5, he featured all the hallmarks of a very inefficient performance. Bear in mind that NEP calculates a single player's impact on his team's ability to score points: things like a turnover, a failed third-down conversion and negative plays have a huge impact on that. McCoy turned the ball over in his own red zone, had only three first-down conversions, and was the lead actor in five negative-yardage plays.

Buzz Bissinger rips Nick Foles again -
"I got pride. Now? You think I want to interview him now? I would rather interview the Eagle mascot. Forget it. You know, the guy had his chance and he blew it. He had his chance to be interviewed by one of the greatest journalists of the country."

Bill Davis: 'Not a move to make' at cornerback - CSN Philly
Bill Davis hears what you’re saying. He understands your frustration. He sees what you see. He also has no plans to make a change at cornerback, and on Tuesday afternoon he explained why. "If there’s a change that should be made, I promise you I’d make it," Davis said. "But right now, there’s really not a move to make."

Red Zone, Turnover Ratio Must Improve -
These are the two hard-and-fast statistics that matter in the NFL, and the ones that must improve for the Eagles to take the next step: red-zone touchdown efficiency on offense and turnover ratio ...

Adrian Peterson refutes report of sham charity - SB Nation
Adrian Peterson refuted some claims from a recent Minneapolis Star-Tribune report, including questions about the legitimacy of his foundation.

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