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Eagles vs. Rams Final Score: Philadelphia holds on to beat St. Louis, 34-28

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the St. Louis Rams at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, 34-28. The Eagles moved to 4-1 on the 2014 NFL Season. Read on for a drive-by-drive recap of the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a home game against the New York Giants.

Rich Schultz


Rams win the toss and elect to receive first. Cody Parkey's opening kickoff goes for a touchback.

Rams 1st drive: Punt blocked for Philadelphia touchdown (7-0, Eagles)

Three and out for the Rams. Eagles cornerback Cary Williams breaks up a pass on third down.

Tight end James Casey blocks the punt and Chris Maragos recovers it for a touchdown. Wow. Two straight weeks in a row where Philadelphia scores first on a blocked punt for a touchdown. Even more impressive, that's three straight weeks where the Eagles have scored a special teams touchdown. First time in franchise history.

Rams 2nd drive: Punt

Rams can't get much going on their second drive. Credit Casey Matthews with a few good plays, as shocking as it sounds. Eagles outside linebacker Connor Barwin sacks Austin Davis on third down.

Eagles 1st drive: Field goal (10-0, Eagles)

Nick Foles gets the ball to Jordan Matthews on the first play for a catch and run for a first down. Great throw from Foles with a Rams defender grasping at his legs to move the chains with a pass over the middle to Zach Ertz. Brent Celek hauls in a catch for his first grab since Week 1. Ertz drops a pass in the redzone and the Eagles have to settle for a field goal. The 26-yard attempt is good. Philadelphia's run game struggles early.

Rams 3rd drive: Punt

Great pass breakup by Bradley Fletcher forces the Rams into third and long. Austin Davis tries to run for a first down but slides a few yards short of the marker.

Eagles 2nd drive: Field goal (13-0, Eagles)

Darren Sproles returns the St. Louis punt 23 yards. Ray Ray Armstrong commits a dumb late hit on Brad Smith after the play. That's another 15 yards for the Eagles.

Eagles driving. LeSean McCoy contributes with a pass reception for a first down. Foles is looking a little shaky. Eagles move to the 9 but have to settle for another field goal in scoring territory. Parkey's 27-yard kick is good.

Rams 4th drive: (Continued below)

Outside linebacker Brandon Graham not looking so hot in coverage down field. Graham redeems himself with a nice tackle for loss in short area coverage.


Rams 4th drive: Punt

Davis throw to Jared Cook along the sideline is incomplete after Cook drops it. Rams punt.

Eagles 3rd drive: Fumble

LeSean McCoy runs back and forth behind the line of scrimmage after catching a screen pass. McCoy carries the ball loose in his hands and fumbles it. Really, really dumb play there by McCoy. Just go down and take the loss. Foolish.

Rams 5th drive: Fumble

Rams take over in scoring position. Rams get to the 5 yard line after a Cook reception. Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry gets to Davis on third down and forces the sack/fumble. Fletcher Cox recovers. Curry was unblocked on the play and absolutely crushes Davis.

Eagles 4th drive: Interception

Foles hits Jordan Matthews for a first down after a Riley Cooper wide receiver screen attempt goes nowhere. Foles then throws a deep pass for Jeremy Maclin and it's picked off. That's Foles' fifth interception of the season.

Rams 6th drive: Touchdown (13-7, Eagles)

Rams driving. Davis getting in rhythm. Cary Williams toasted in coverage by Kenny Britt. Davis scrambles and finds Brian Quick wide open in the endzone for the Rams' first touchdown. Looks like Eagles safety Nate Allen was beaten in coverage.

Eagles 5th drive: Touchdown (20-7, Eagles)

LeSean McCoy runs 19 yards for a first down. How about that? Eagles used an unbalanced line with Jason Peters next to right tackle Lane Johnson on the play. More of that might be good. Josh Huff catches a screen pass for four yards. That's the first of his career. McCoy showing more signs of life on this drive. Foles overthrows Ertz along the left sideline. The deep ball just isn't there for him. Foles throws a ball high into the endzone and Riley Cooper comes down with it for the touchdown. Incredible effort by Cooper to make the play.

Rams 6th drive: Clock expires

Rams take a knee to end the first half.


Eagles get the ball to start the second half.

Eagles 6th drive: Punt

Philadelphia earns a first down before having to punt.

Rams 7th drive: Fumble returned for Philadelphia touchdown (27-7, Eagles)

Trent Cole sacks Austin Davis and forces a fumble on the Rams' first play. Defensive end Cedric Thornton recovers the ball in the endzone for the score. That's the second sack/fumble Cole has forced this season. The first one was in Week 1 and was recovered by Fletcher Cox for a score.

Rams 8th drive: Punt

The Rams move to the ball to the opposing 44 but end up having to punt.

Eagles 7th drive: Punt

Eagles start the drive deep in their own territory, get two first downs, and then punt.

Rams 9th drive: Fumble

Brandon Graham forces a fumble and Cedric Thornton recovers. That's Thorton's second recovery of the game.

Eagles 8th drive: Touchdown (34-7, Eagles)

Nick Foles underthrows a wide open Jordan Matthews for what would have been an easy touchdown. Not good. Foles makes up for it the next play by hitting a wide open Jeremy Maclin in the endzone for a score.

Rams 10th drive: Touchdown (34-14, Eagles)

Rams move down the field quickly for a score. St. Louis running back Benny Cunningham takes it in for the touchdown. 5 plays, 79 yards, 2:12. Not a good effort from the Eagles defense there.

Eagles 9th drive: (Continued below)

LeSean McCoy run to end the third quarter.


Eagles 9th drive: Fumble

Josh Huff draws an illegal contact penalty. Foles takes off and picks up a good gain on the ground, but he goes down head first and fumbles. Really bad mistake there. If Foles slides feet first, it's not a fumble. Very Eli Manning-esque of Foles.

Rams 11th drive: Touchdown (34-21, Eagles)

Austin Davis slides for a Rams first down. Just rubbing it in to Foles, huh? St. Louis driving. Davis chucks up a pass in the endzone intended for Kenny Britt and the Rams wide receiver comes down with it. Bradley Fletcher was in "coverage" on the play. It looked like Fletcher even committed pass interference there. Not good for Philadelphia.

Eagles 10th drive: Punt

Injury update: Chris Polk, hamstring, questionable to return. DeMeco Ryans, right groin, questionable to return.

First down and then a punt. Nothing going.

Rams 12th drive: Touchdown (34-28, Eagles)

Bad punt from Donnie Jones. St. Louis picking up big gains and driving into scoring territory. Rams punch it in for the touchdown. One score game.

Eagles 11th drive: Punt

Clutch run from Darren Sproles on 3rd-and-2 gives Philadelphia a first down with about 3 minutes remaining. Eagles trying to run out the clock. 3rd-and-6, Sproles runs again but gets stopped in the backfield Two-minute warning.

Rams 13th drive: Turnover on downs

First play, big gain. Davis to Quick for 43 yards. Clock is running. Rams face 4th and 8 at the Eagles 48. Delay of game. 4th and 13 at the St. Louis 47. Davis pass deep down the field in incomplete. That's game.

Eagles 11th drive: Time expires

Eagles victory formation for the win. 4-1.


Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Rams post-game coverage.

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