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Nick Foles on pace for 5,100 yards, 24 TDs, and 16 INTs

Through 4 games, the Eagles starting quarterback Nick Foles is on pace for an interesting season.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Through the first four games of the 2014 NFL season, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles has put up some interesting numbers.

Here's what a projection of Foles' current stats look like projected through a 16 game season.

16 games

Foles has been banged up at times but he hasn't had to miss any game action.

4962 yards

If Foles finishes with this total it would be the 10th greatest single season passing performance in terms of yards. It would also be the most yards ever thrown by an Eagles QB in one season. Donovan McNabb currently holds that record with 3,916 in 2008 (130 best overall).

24 Passing TDs

Foles threw 27 touchdown passes in 13 games played (10 starts) last season. 11 quarterbacks (including Foles) finished with more than 24 touchdowns in 2013.

16 INTs

Foles is on pace to throw eight times the amount of interceptions he threw in 2013. Foles finished with the best touchdown-to-interception ratio in NFL history last season with 13.5. This year Foles currently ranks 21st among NFL QBs with only a 1.5 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

664 attempts

The most passing attempts by an Eagles quarterback in a single-season is 571 by Donovan McNabb in 2008. Foles is on pace to register the fifth most single-season passing attempts in NFL history.

384 completions

This many completions would break an Eagles franchise record. It would rank tied for 26th overall in NFL single-season history.

57.8 completion percentage

Foles currently ranks 29th out of 34 NFL quarterbacks. Foles finished with a 64.0% in 2013.

36 rushing attempts

Foles finished with 57 rushing attempts last season.

140 rushing yards

Foles picked up 221 yards on the ground in 2013.

0 Rushing TDs

Foles had 3 rushing TDs in 2013.

12 fumbles

Foles fumbled 4 times last season.


Total Foles' projected passing/running yards together and you get 5,102 yards of total offense. Passing/rushing TDs combined is 26.

What is there to glean from these numbers? Well, it's simple: Foles needs to play better. That's not exactly a surprise. Not all of the blame is on him. It's easy to see he's being asked to pass more due to Philadelphia's lackluster run game. Still, he's not doing himself any favors by missing open receivers. He needs to throw a more accurate ball. Foles has plenty of time left in the season to correct his mistakes.

Just for fun, here's a comparison of Foles' 2014 pace numbers to Michael Vick's pace numbers in 2013.

Games Pass yards Pass TD INT Pass attempts Completions Completion% Yards/Attempt Fumbles Rush attempt Rush Yards Rush TD Total Yards Total TD
Michael Vick 2013 16 4320 20 8 472 260 55.1% 9.15 12 104 912 8 5232 28
Nick Foles 2014 16 4962 24 16 664 384 57.8% 7.47 12 36 140 5102 24

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